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New productions this fall.

I have a lot of production coming up this fall with major name platinum artists and incredible platinum songwriters.I am excited as there will be as many as 4 new album productions(some with video shoots too)in major facilities by spring of 2017,Stay tuned for more information.

Thanks for keeping me on top

I have been #1 again for most of the past 6 months in Corpus Christi,and moving back up the charts around the world thanks to my incredible fans.A special thanks to the people of Indonesia and Asian for your help!Peace!


Things are moving along quickly.I am now the #39 artist in Americana on RN in the USA,and #40 WORLDWIDE! I am surprised and amazed.Thank you all from the heart.Sincerely!-Jeff


Today,I have added some videos to my page.Two in English and two in Spanish.I hope you like them.


I know I have not been here much lately.There have been issues I have had to deal with that have taken me away too much.I want to STRESS that I do appreciate every visitor,listener and fan from all corners of the earth.You come from everywhere-every continent and nearly 100 nations.Thanks for the support from the heart.I sincerely mean that.Peace!

Annika Horne

A young 15 year old singer by the name of Annika Horne is currently recording some of my songs at Martina McBride's Blackbird Studios, and a few other studios in Nashville. She performs to large crowds often in Texas.In fact,on Nov 9th,she will perform live at Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington,Texas,She won the award for Best New Talent in Hollywood for her performance on the series Army Wives on the Lifetime Network in 2012.She has a lot going for her,and I am excited.Go Annika!

Austin and SXSW

Well,I had a great time in Austin and played two shows.One was at the G & S Lounge which was webcast live worldwide,and the other was at the Local Flavor reunion at the Russian House on 5th St.Great reception from the "all musician"crowd in both places. I will return next year for a prime spot at the G & S.Stay tuned!

Joe Zawinul and Weather Report.

I was at the Exit Inn in Nashville in 1973 with my former brother-in-law to see Weather Report.The only available table was at the right end of the grand piano.My seat was right next to the end of the piano-about a foot away.Miraslav Vitous played bass and Wayne Shorter on Soprano sax.I'm pretty sure Dom Um Ramao played percussion.I watched the whole show looking straight down that keyboard.Miraslav won the Vienna International Jazz competition when he was 11 or 12. They set up a stool so he could play the upright.He won the competition -hands down.It was a great show and a great night.Zawinul was incredible.To watch him play right next to you..well,there was no greater thrill.At least to me,at that place and time,was spectacular.The club was very small,the setting intimate,and the music phenomenal.RIP Joe Zawinul

Meeting and conversing with Fleetwood Mac

Back around the winter of 70-71,my friend Dave Franklin and I read a story about Fleetwood Mac playing in Owensboro at the Sportscenter.We decided to take his old 53 Chevy over and check it out.We arrived and there were-maybe-500 people there when the show started because the weather was really bad..This was back in the "Oh Well"days and before Stevie Nicks joined. They played about 90 minutes and most of the crowd left right away.David and I walked up on stage and started talking to Christine McVie still sitting at her keyboard.Less than a minute later,Mick Fleetwood came over and we chatted for quite awhile.Just me ,David,Mick and Christine.When we finally left around 11 pm,we were the only car left in the lot and it was very cold outside.David started the car and a radiator hose started leaking immediately.We finally found a gas station and small store open.The guy told us to shake a whole bottle of black pepper in the radiator. He said that could stop a leak.We used it and it worked.We got home to Evansville after hearing Fleetwood Mac and meeting the band.Overall,it was a great night.David Franklin now works for Vanderburgh County and can verify every word of this story.Thanks for participating!

Last time with Jimi Hendrix

On June 10th of 1970(my son Jeremy was born on June 6th-14 years later),Mike Rudolph and me were returning from the Ohio River beach in Newburgh-we were "shrooming it"and were headed down Division St passing Roberts Stadium in Evansville when we saw "Tonight Only-Jimi Hendrix Experience",or something like that.We looked at each other,and,decided to buy a ticket for the show that began in one hour.I had seen Jimi play in 1969 in Indianapolis,where the opening act was a new group called Chicago Transit Authority,who changed their name to simply "Chicago"after their first album.. There were maybe 600 people there when Jimi's show started.We stood right on the edge of the stage-maybe about three feet,at most.from Jimi. As we passed a "cigarette"between us,Mike yelled "Go Jimi"and we had to look almost straight up to see Jimi's face.He looked to be pretty "out of it"at the time,but played very well.He was so close,we could have grabbed his huge bell bottom pants,but we just stayed and listened..Little did did we know that in four months,Jimi would be gone forever.Little did I know that in five months,I would be singing in a band(Fat Alice from Dallas)with Jimi's last drummer,Gregg Diamond,in New York City.That "fate"thing is unpredictable as it gets! RIP Jimi.I was glad to share those shows with you in another place and time.