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August Nights

New mixtape coming soon [August Nights] Be on the look out I will be leaking the music out slowly as it gets made. Thank You 4 The Support, Much Love, God Bless -Chucc Taylor

ALI Stay Free

Fuck a Mason/ Im just sayin/ Hear some shit/ I am sayin/ Sittin and thinking/ Contemplating/ Make me wanna empty the clip/ Cause just like The Chi you on some bullshit/ I have 1 gun bust 3 shots/ Wet yo shit/ Call me D. Rose the way I never miss/ O My Gosh!!!! Call me Monroe cause Im such a Pretty Bitch/ Yea I could tell you're jealous/ Of that nigga ALI/ Chucc Taylor Chucc Taylor All Star Runnin It/

Great With You

The Song "Great With You" is the only song i actually sat dwn n wrote. my homie blast off made the beat 4 my bro Squint [check him out on Youtube "Squintmusic"] he than gave the beat beat to me because he didnt think it was his style. So I listend to it and automatically I startd thinking about the lyrics 2 the song. It took me 8 months just 2 finally get in the studio and record it because I was promoting my bro Squint, Hi-Def and C-Swift's music. So sorry for the wait.