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IF YA KNOW ME by;AG'bliss

IF YA KNOW ME I CAN'T HOLD A SURPISE FOR LONG....i made my first money....$0.04....thats a sign for me, because,the next # is 5 thats my lucky number so time for me to step up and make music...one of my habits is ,well its just happened this way for a while now,almost everytime i find a penny,I usually find another one that day or even hour,i say that keeps my two sense with me all the time,so I have it in my head and my pocket..and another thing, the smallest things make me happy....I have a saying "ALL THE EXTRAORDINARY THINGS SEEMED SO ORDINARY,NOW ALL THE ORDINARY THINGS SEEM O EXTRAORDINARY"..AG'BLisS

pre to the pre....gift/blog by:AG'BLisS

I have an idea in the works,I have something special for my friends,but i want something special back;something i dont usually do,well i asked all my friends on facebook to ''like'' my pages,my srtist page,community page,and record/production page,if i get a bunch of likes I'll give them this special gift I already had in store,it's at the ending stage,I dont wan't to reveal my gift/secret but its something deep from the heart for "my friends" and "fans" as well,so come join on in the hype and lets find out what AG*BLISS has in mind,I need at least 25 "likes" on my pages,mainly my artist page(AG'BLISS) hers the links;https://www.facebook.com/pages/AGBlIsS/191181007619959 community pg;https://www.facebook.com/pages/Blisss-Trashtreasure/137791979616337 records and other artists place for links,pix,etc...;http://www.facebook.com/pages/Effects4affects-Records-production/243491529035009?v=wall come see if you ''like'' them,any feedback is good feedback,thanx as always/////~AG'BLISS


As I roam thru my thoughts,alot of choices are rumbling around,things i need and want to do with my musical endeavors.....i found a way to play live and record straight through soundcloud.com{new 4 me},I'd like to figure out how to record it and upload the improv on 'RB',although its a new field I'm exploring,its very enjoyable,but as far as the technical 'n' digital things i have alot to learn,as far as converting files,mixing,editing,etc...I have a bunch of stuff i recorded on ableton,but it only records in (.als files) and its hard to find a converter to transfer them,it seems many ppl using 'ableton' have similar issues,where there's a will,there's a way..i will get my music out one way or another,hopefully less bootleg stuff,i want to become an engineer in music/audio/studio..and eventually open my own professional studio(for now my short term goal is a home project studio)which I had before i got sick in 2006,it was the most amazing time of my life,to just go in there and jam,record,play,practice etc.. anytime I wanted to.I'm in a space that was a porch,they made it into a room for us to live temporary,its 8 x 12 ft. so all of my equipment is in new jersey ,my awesome brother is nice enough to hold it all until i get a bigger place...till then,I'll hold on to my hopes & dreams,come check out my pages on "FB" and "REVERBNATION",I also do blogs,I write hope you enjoy,thax your bud/////~AGblisS

music and feel/////~AGblisS

i'm here at home,sittin' n thinkin' bout all the opportunities,options,etc..that we have to make music,i am in the very 1st stage of learning music theory,a friend said to me,"you gotta feel the music"well thats what ive been doing,i wouldnt enjoy it any other way,but i'd like to know your opinion on the subject.do you think by reading more about music and music theory you lose the feel for music? me personally i don't think so,i feel the more i know,and the better foundation i have in creating music,the greater my options are with improvising and creating in general,i will continue to study music theory and learn as much as i can.I had 2 bouts with cancer and an auto immune break-down in 2006,that all hindered my dreams of creating,but i also feel that i needed to go thru that to get where i am and where i'm going in my journey.you and I are human and we go through the worst of times to get to the best of times,feel free to give feedback on this,thanx as always peace/love/life/happiness/and music~AGblisS


VISION Ring,ring,ring...walk,walk,walk...pics,pics,pics...talk,talk,talk...I have this whole VISION in my head of me doing all i want and need with music,I love drums...I love the city and all the musicians who play at all the parks and sidewalks-I'm planning on taking my dombek out to the city and play with a bucket and a phrase,I'm going to join and contribute to the musical sounds and atmosphere of the city-my wife and I walked into washington square park and heard as usual the sounds of drums and percussion playing(i love it),so i walked right up to the 6-8 or so people who were playing on bongos,congas,acoustic guitars,so i sat down on the ground near them,took my drumsticks out and started playing a beat to ''about a girl'',''creep'' and a pink floyd song that we jammed the heck out of...I met some awesome musicians,i spoke a few short words of much meaning(in between songs)that they welcomed me with open-hearted arms* and they want me to come back and jam with them every friday.Its funny because these guys play there near the fountain every week for at least this summer(probably years w/peoplecoming n going)....~This is alot of what "THE VILLAGE"(and surrounding area) is made of,''starving artists'' who are bringing soul,rythm,melody,beats,songs,energy,time and others,but most of all,the background music ,the sounds of the city(besides the cars n drunks who honk,pollute or puke,haha....back to the VISION its vague as most are,but the energy behind it is strong,spirituality grows and you or I start connecting w/ all the ideas,words,samples etc..-WOW-this is the feeling of making music.....keep a VISION,write it down,record yourself,notes whatever it is to get all the pieces to the ''puzzle'' together,its more a natural fun(sometimes frustrating) progression.....TIP:anyone playing or learning an instrument and frustration arises STOP and pick it back up later or the next day. this is some of my VISION......ROCK ON,ROLL OUT,as always ~AGBlIsS8-27-11 Posted by AGBLISS at 1:59 AM 0 comments Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Labels: AGBLISS, DOUMBEK, MUSIC, VILLAGE, VISION


cricket chanting,peace arises comfort in silence,darkness,blissfulness go n tell me a wish,i will wish too... wish to be....be me... all i can do is try n succeed thru the grace and hopeful weed tree's,shadows,follow suit, ripped me right from the root.. i dont give a hoot-i give the boot-do you? shhh...do you still hear, oh dear,are you there? follow.....follow.....follow me in ....the wind.... by:agbliss/9-9-11