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An Ode to Bathing...

I took me a bath today y'all.

Took me a bath.

Long and hot.


Sat down in that tub and the waters flooded over me.

Have you ever had that feeling?

Putting stress in a choke hold,

I sat.

I pondered.

I conquered.

All of my problems, worries, and cares.

I left them right there in that tub.

And when the last drop of water circled down that drain, I finally.....


Be Still and Know...

So, this is my first blog entry. First of many, Lord willing and the creek don't rise... lol. I'm country.

Anywho, I have a personal battle I have been fighting mentally and physically for about 4 years now. It has been off and on for 4 years, and for 4 years I have always done the same thing: Panic. I will always pray for God to be with me and just take it away, and then I proceed to run around like a chicken with it's head cut off. I call friends and family members hoping to reach someone, anyone to calm me down.

Today was no different.

After the episode, however, God gave me a word. Well two really. "Be still". I was flabbergasted. Two little words. So simple, yet so complex. I had never thought of that. I spend all of this time praying, but I never sit still long enough for God to do what I've actually prayed for. It's almost like I'm subconsciously trying to do God's work for him. Like, help him along if you will. I usually end up making the situation worse (read: Running around like a chicken with it's head cut off).

I could compare it to a severe thunderstorm. There is no shortage of severe thunderstorms or tornadoes here in Alabama. We're born and bred to know how to act in these situations. You know your grandma told you to sit down, cut that tv off, and be quiet "cause the Lord is doin his work." When the weather gets bad outside and the sirens sound, we don't jump into our cars and frantically drive in search of someone to stop the storm. We sit still under our shelter until the storm passes. Why is that concept so hard to apply for the storms in my personal life?

God's word says that he will be a refuge for you in the storm (Isaiah 4:6). He doesn't promise that there won't be storms (Luke 8:23; Matthew 7:25), only that he will be with you in them (Psalm 27:5; 46:1; 91:15) . That's an amazing feeling.

The next time I feel a storm raging in my life, amidst the chaos, I pray that I will hear a small voice saying: "Be still, and know that I am God" (Psalm 46:10).