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Practice, Practice,

So working on improving my show all the time. Just learned some new guitar licks to add to my arsenal. Who ya ...Love , Peace and Happiness

2014 What a great year.

A lot of Goals were realized this year, and time marches on ,so lets put down some goals for 2015. Just went thru a month of working my full time job and playing back to back Friday and Saturday nights. It's like never having a break. A body in motion stay's in motion. Of course mother nature had something to say about that and put me down sick for a whole week. Cheers, and let's keep the ball rolling for an even better year to come. 2015..


I was told recently that my song did not have enough Chords. My question is how many chords does a good song have to have??? How many Chords are in Eminence Front by the Who? Put the lime in the Cocoanut ? Just learned a spattering of top 40 Country songs. Some of them have more then 3 chords . That would be 4.

Things seem to be coming together.

It is true that You Become what you think about most. I've been able to channel my Compulsive Obsessive behavior into something good.


Went to a music Competition last night and did three of my original, which was fun. Got a call back for the finals Dec, 9. Yesterday was just fantastic and it feels like Eddie B's Cool acoustic show is taking off. Booking into February. Boo Yaaa

New covers,

Let's get started on those Luke Bryan Songs. Yea it's 1 oclock in the morning. That's the way I roll.


Workin on Big Head Todd tune for Aliano's by Request

Feels Good!

Feels good to be back on stage wailing away on the Statocaster. Another show with FUBAR tomorrow nite.

New beginnings.

Trying out with a new band tonight. Wish me luck.


Jammed with a full band Wednesday Nite. I haven't done that in over 10 years. It was very cool. It also helped that the other players were all exceptional. Introduced to the ukelele bass. Wow. I want one.