WELCOME HOME'S Sophomore CD Release Party!

Wow! Time flies when you're having fun! I know that's a big cliche but in this case, it has never been more true. It has been 3 years since the release of our 1st album. Years filled with amazing performances at amazing venues, incredible promoters & fans and wild, wild, WILD stories that would take way too long to do them justice.

Extremely talented musicians have moved in and out of our Home over the last few years and we are forever grateful...and better for having known them & played with them. We have had many struggles but far more successes. And now, after months in the studio, multiple producers, and emotional roller coaster rides, we are finally ready to release new music and begin touring.

So, if you are in Los Angeles, join us at TRIP in Santa Monica to kick it all off on Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 8PM. You will not be sorry!


As we approach 2015, all I can say is I...and we are TRULY THANKFUL! This year has been filled with personal and professional ups and downs, but the ups FAR out weigh the downs. WELCOME HOME has played The Mint, Viper Room and House of Blues. Consequently, HOB is where we will be playing and ringing in the New Year! (Yes, that was a shameless plug. As I continue to promote the band, I am getting very good at those :-) ) Welcome Home has gotten a taste of touring in Wine Country and we are preparing for more! Who knows, we may even show up in our hometowns real soon. Welcome Home has created new music for an upcoming album that we will begin recording in early 2015. This music brings together all of our influences and backgrounds. It's amazing how all of it just works! This past Saturday, it all kind of came full circle. Last year about this time, we performed on the 3rd Street Promenade (and all involved KNOW what an experience that was). This past saturday, we were back on the Promenade, and the growth as musicians, a band and individuals was CRAZY! We have fondly been named by our management team as a "crack band". We have learned to adjust, twist, turn...fit into whatever situation is thrown at us and not miss a beat. The band has changed members, instruments and overall sound morphing from HOME into WELCOME HOME. When we started, we had a vision that some people laughed at and doubted but today, watching that vision come to fruition is TRULY magical! We have so many friends and fans to thank that have helped us along the way. FIRST OF ALL, OUR FAITHFUL FANS who've consistently showed up at our shows singing, dancing and screaming, our management company, Amusement Park Music, ALL of our families who've supported us in person and online. Mike, Angine, Robert, Slim Jim, Rel, Poetri, Jimmy, Smoke, Leila, Heather, Justine, Wes, Lavonne and anyone else who has shared their talents, buildings and etc. with us for video shoots, photoshoots, red carpet events, and social media marketing skills...THANK YOU! (If I missed ANYONE, please forgive me. We are grateful for ALL of you.) We are truly blessed! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

A Wild Ride!

So, this last few weeks has been a WILD RIDE...but a GOOD RIDE! First off, we changed our name to WELCOME HOME. When HOME started and recorded our 1st album, it was essentially 2 people. Now, we have grown to 5 incredible musicians who all contribute. Without one of those pieces, we are a different group, so, NEW sound, NEW name! (You will really begin to notice this when you hear the new album...AMAZING...SO EXCITED! On the weekend of September 27th, WELCOME HOME traveled down to Brentwood, CA and we learned a VERY IMPORTANT fact to the band. We still like each other after 6 hours couped in a car together...YAY!!! We don't like the parents of the children who were in the hotel room next to us...the parents who let their children begin screaming and banging doors at 7:00AM the morning after our gig, BUT we still like each other. The gig was a blast and we were able to adjust and adapt to the challenges of touring...and still like each other!!! We came back to LA and performed at The Mint, a cultural treasure that has been around since 1937 -Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake, Ray Charles, Earth Wind and Fire, Ben Harper, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, Macy Gray, The Wallflowers - and that's not even the half the list. What was so cool about this gig is the comment from a girl in the crowd - "I just moved to LA and this is my 1st night here. I was hesitant about leaving home and your music spoke to me. It has so much soul and I am so happy I came tonight. I sent videos home to my mom". We were performing to a crowd of screaming girls who came to see the group after us (Los 5 was incredible), but we more than captured their attention and that was one of MANY compliments. Woohoo! Confirmation and feeling good about not sleeping! Now, this coming Saturday, we will be at the NoHo PAC in North Hollywood and we would love for you to join us, give us some more compliments and send some more videos home to mom!!! Also performing will be Amusement Park Ent's 15 year old senstion, Jada, the amazingly talented Gabby Jackson, beautiful Folk artist, London Thor and closing out the night, we're gonna blow the roof off with The Addams. VISUAL ARTISTS Zachary Aronson, Sanjini Azad and Kati Milano will be displaying their work...and even selling some. Bottom Line, you will be CRAZY if you're not their!

You Can't Do It Alone!

Great advice my parents, professors and really good friends have given me over the years:

• The goal of a GREAT performance should be to touch and affect your audience, not to receive personal applause & praise from them. • YOU aren't the S_ _ _ _ you thought you were. • As GOOD as you are, you are BETTER WITH and BECAUSE of others.

The most AMAZING actor can ONLY BE AMAZING on screen because of the writers, directors, cast members, producers, cameramen, sound men, casting directors, agents, managers, production assistants, fans and etc.! You can't be AMAZING at home in a room by yourself…talking to yourself.

Lead singers are only RECOGNIZED and as good as the music that surrounds them. Trust me (I've had first hand experience), NO one notices when you're in the house singing to yourself.

But, when Greg, Larry, Caitlin, Valerie, Francis and I get onstage, TOGETHER, it's frickin AWSOME!!!

Just a reminder to myself when I make life NOT about ME, LIFE is really good!!!


I'll always miss you but...

On Sunday,

I'll take with me, everywhere I go, those 4 walls, a piece of HOME!

I twirled batons competitively from the time I was 3 until I was 18. (My twirling friends will understand this.) My mom sat outside in the heat, cold, rain, didn't matter, watching me practice. We would fuss, laugh, scream. My dad would watch and laugh at my mom and me as we fussed at each other.

My mom and dad traveled the country year after year, competition to competition. They sat in gym after gym watching hour after hour of baton twirlers, listening to the same song for hours. They drove me to lessons 6 hours away from home. They encouraged me, cheered for me, cried with me, never lied to me and ALWAYS loved me…win, lose, great job, bad job, great attitude, poor attitude, they ALWAYS loved me…they ALWAYS made me feel at peace…at home.

On top of all that, they both worked full-time jobs and still managed to attend every football, baseball or basketball game my brothers played in…and at one time or another, they played in them all! They attended every game I cheered for, every assembly, conference for WHATEVER we were doing - sports, school, music, theater, dance, debate, graduation…WHATEVER!

They told us that we could do ANYTHING. And at that time, I believed it. I would get beat down and they would pick me back up and remind me that I could do ANYTHING.

My father passed away my senior year in college and my mom reminded me that she and my father still knew I could do ANYTHING. Right before my mom passed away, she told me to finish my first album and again reminded me that I could do ANYTHING. My 1st CD Release Party was a couple months after she passed. And for a while, there was no one there to cheer me on and I forgot that I could do ANYTHING.

It took some time but something deep inside tugged at me and reminded me that I could still do anything…that the HOME my parents gave me was still in me. The HOME that allowed me to do ANYTHING if I only believed, was STILL inside me. I began to feel my parent's love and hear their encouragement again. I began to approach life with the old fire mixed with a new determination.

This coming Sunday, May 18th, Home, my band, will perform on the main stage at the House of Blues. Although, I won't physically be able see my parents cheering me on in the audience, I will feel them and hear them in my heart…I will be at HOME and I will continue doing ANYTHING!

Performing on the street of LA

Tomorrow, Saturday, Oct. 19, 2013, HOME will be back on the 3rd Street Promenade doing our thing! Last week was our first time out there and we couldn't have asked for anything more out of performance. We gained fans, sold CDs, received donations & played together for the fist time with our new members! It was CRAZY GOOD TIMES!

Tomorrow, we continue the good times as well as continue filming our web series! SUPER excited and would love for you to join us if you're in the area. If you aren't in town, I'll let you know how it went as soon as I get HOME! peace

Stephen JT James aka Tootsweet
Stephen JT James aka Tootsweet  (over 3 years ago)

Okay there is nothing like good music from Home. Home is where the heart is. GOD IS WHERE OUR SOULS SHOULD BE>share the love from home.

Welcome Home!

Last night, we had auditions for the band and God came through as he always does! Jessica Rau with her INCREDIBLE voice and even better personality and Francis Salamanca...give him a sax and it's OVER!!! They both bring energy, excitement and SOOOO much talent! Last night's rehearsal was definitely a time of welcoming family HOME!

The Adventure Begins!

The CD is released. The Summer Concert Series was a success and now, we are off and running. We will spend this fall playing around Los Angeles and surrounding areas promoting the album, and having a GOOD time!

We are currently looking for a couple more pieces to complete the band so if you are a guitar, horn or keys guy (or girl), and you like what we do, we're looking for you! Send me a message and we'll set you up for an audition.

Let the adventure begin!

HOME End of Summer Bash!

DON'T MISS OUT! Amazing Indie Music!


Jerome Holloway, Caitlin Leow, Alan Marco, Matthew Leddy...and of course, HOME!


Cover: $10

AMUSEMENT PARK ENT. 1913 Centinela Ave. Santa Monica, CA 90404

NEW Contest Announcement! Hey Everybody, we are looking for songs that remind you of your best summer EVER! We will have 2 winners - the person who's song gets the most likes on the their post, and secondly, our pick. The winners will receive 2 free tickets each to Spoken Funk, one of the hottest tickets in town. The winner will be announced at the show on Saturday, August 31.

Home Debut Release!

I can't believe it's finally here! The album is complete. The iTunes release is up and it's time to have some fun! Catch us in concert beginning June 29th at the HOME Summer Concert Series! Amusement Park Ent., 1913 Centinela Ave., Santa Monica, Ca 90404 @ 8PM.