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Songs that I hope see the light of day

It's been awhile since I've blogged so I'm due. Artists are funny creatures. We love doing what we do but we have this idealized view of what we create which seems to fight against the very thing we live for. I have so many songs in the "demo reel." I love so many of them but there is a fear that they will not be recorded properly or produced in a way that will hit the listener the way it hit me when inspiration struck. In fact, I probably have 10 songs in the hole right now; and for each I've put out a FB blurb something to the effect of "I'm writing this song that I really dig" or "this song is going to be the best yet." What happens after that is a whole lot of nothing. So I am at the point where I need to put up or shut up. Make the the idealized vision a reality that will hopefully connect with someone else. Anyway, that is where I am at...in my basement studio with a guitar, dim light and ready to put the next step in motion.....

Celebrity Rehab

I used to be a huge fan of Layne Staley. Now, after watching Celebrity Rehab, I am a bigger fan of his mother after hearing her take on fame/rockstardom and her struggles w/ Layne's addiction and overdose. What struck me about her words were how "rich" an average, normal life was. She was speaking to the deception of fame, I think and how the attainable things in life seem to ultimately make you happy. -Corey

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http://www.amazon.com/Collection-Cruelty-Free/dp/B00342W2LQ We're working on a new release. Updates soon. Thanks for reading. c

Humtoo Artists of 2010

Humtoo are a nice bunch of music peeps who hook up content creators with opportunities. They've written a blog about their featured artists of 2010 http://humtoo.wordpress.com/2011/01/07/a-look-back-at-our-featured-music-makers-for-2010/

Read this article on TuneCore

http://blog.tunecore.com/2010/10/the-state-of-the-music-industry-and-the-delegitimization-of-artists-pt-3-how-a-skewed-perspective-de.html?utm_source=newsletter&ref=email&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter10_28_2010 My initial thoughts on this article: -"Getting signed" is not what it used to be (i.e. little to no tour support, huge advances gone, etc.) Almost seems more like a trophy rather than a way to advance one's career. -Regarding the above point, I kinda thought the general public already feels this way which makes this article seem a bit out-of-date. -True the market is saturated but music lovers search for good music (we had to even before the "great fall"). -Most serious artists/musicians strive for "middle class musician" status with rock stardom being a nice added bonus should it ever happen. -Last, it is an AWESOME FEAT when an artist can generate large sales and build an empire of fans without any "artist development" or media blitz. It shows exceptional talent and that their fans do not need to be "told" by a label that they are an artist worth listening to.

New song 'Drift'!!!

Check out our new song Drift; produced by Corey Bates with guitars tracked by the amazing Bernard Matthews (www.musicandpost.com ) and mixed by the fabulous David St. Onge (http://dmsproductions.com/). Most people are calling this sound "The-Police-meets-Punk"...what do you think??? credits: Corey Bates: guitars, vocals Craig Hook: Bass Scott Coene: Drums Backup vocals: Katie Bates

Our writing partner

Here's a little Cruelty Free factoid: I occasionally write with a guy in New Jersey named Jeff Perricci. Jeff is a gifted poet and lyricist who has poems published in various outlets. We met through a mutual friend and decided to work on music together. Jeff has collaborated on 'Spring Meets Summer' and 'Speed.' I've found his lyrics to be an inspiration and a fresh perspective. Corey

New song 'Eclipse'

Check out our new song 'Eclipse' on the Reverbnation player. The song deals with the tragic topic of suicide and is inspired by real events.

'Speed' now available on iTunes and more...

Download the single 'Speed' on iTunes and be sure to leave us a nice review. Also, we're working on a very special show for an even greater cause...details coming soon. Don't forget our show at Boulder Coffee Feb. 20th 9:15. Thanks for reading!

Corey at BMAP

Below isn't really Cruelty Free news but one of Corey's many peripheral musical ventures (adventures???): BMAP handles music editing for new STS project 11/12/2008 Rochester, NY Rochester Region BMAP is completing the music editing on a new workout series for the famous physical trainer Cathe Friedrich. http://www.cathe.com This massive workout system spans 41 DVDs and contains nearly 50 hours of music. To complete the project approximately 15 hours of original music was retimed and repurposed throughout all 41 DVDs to provide a sonic push to Cathe's workout system. In addition to handling all the music editing, BMAP composers Bernard Matthews and Corey Bates contributed many minutes of original music to the project library. Cathe's new STS workout system will be available in time for the holiday rush in case you need to work off that extra turkey leg. Contact: Bernard Matthews Phone: 585-232-3330 AdHub Profile: Bernard Matthews Audio Production Company URL: http://www.musicandpost.com 8 Additional Press Releases have been posted by Bernard Matthews Audio Production, Read them Here