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New videos up/ The Door available for free download

I went ahead and threw a couple new videos up for you. Also, go ahead and download the door. I DOUBLE DARE YOU!!!

It won't be long

Hey all you music lovin folks, Quick line to let you know that our latest album is nearly complete, and is expected to release mid-late july. We really tried to go all out for this one. After recruiting two new members (Nick Costanzi-Keys, Andrew Persons-Guitar)we've completely revamped our writing style. Keep an eye out for new tunes.

New Developments

Blood Root Mother is alive and well. After all the hardship we've endured over the past few years, being able to say that is a major accomplishment. It will be two years this Spring since Tony Ellis, our former lead guitarist and good friend, committed suicide. After his death, things fell apart for BRM - personally, emotionally, musically and financially.

At the dawn of 2011, however, I am happy to announce that we are back on our feet and well on our way towards finishing a new record. After periods of addiction and recovery, friendships lost and gained, and a lot of musical exploration and practice, we have emerged as more mature musicians and performers.

We have also added two extremely talented new members. On guitar, Andy Persons, a Berklee College of Music graduate who is well versed in blues, funk, jazz and rock. Andy has cut his chops on the East Coast and on tour with his previous band, Melou, in Europe. Andy and myself go way back to a band called Mystic Machine, which we first formed in 6th grade. On keys, we have added Barry Costanzi, who also has a long history playing with me, Rob and Ryan in various groups throughout our formative years. Barry is a genius. He is a Physics PhD student at the University of Minnesota and an extremely tasteful musician with diverse musical tastes. In addition to keys, Barry plays sitar, accordian, and a home-built theramin.

We are very lucky to have these gentlemen working with us. They are helping us to realize a musical vision that we have been gradually shaping over many years. As always, we work collaboratively. What began as a process of exploration and experimentation has refined into endless late night hours of obsessive arranging and drilling. A new album is taking shape. Along with it will come new art and an entirely new online platform. Thank you for listening and stay tuned.

Peace, Elliot

Hello Reverb Nation

Well... I know in the last blog I said we were going to be releasing an ep this summer, but we've had a few incidences since my last blog post. Sadly, our guitarist Tony Ellis passed away not too long ago, which put an unfortunate damper on our progress. We've kinda hung low the last few months, but now we have decided to go on as a four piece, and will be into the studio in the next couple of weeks. Reverbnation has kindly allowed us to be a featured artist this week, so if this is your first time listening, thank you. You know tell your friends yadda yadda. I will keep everyone updated with up coming shows, after the release of the ep. Later fam, Ryan BRM

There is something on your face

Hey Reverbnation, This is Ryan. I'm just letting you know that we are currently writing for our next ep!! How exciting. Yes, we are scheduled to go into the studio in the next couple of months and we are definately going to release something that will reduce the minds of the masses to nothing more than a heaping pile of human skin, and fecal matter. Nothing to miss out on. And YUMMY too! Also, the 26th of this month we will be recording for our DVD live at Trocaderos in the heart of the industrial district on the lovely Minneapolis, where the crime rate has depleted 2 full percentage points over the last 400 years:) So yeah bring the family. Someone might die. Again, you wouldn't want to miss this. Goodnight, oh and look out the dude who runs this site looks at all your emails:) Ryan BRM LATER

Toys For Tots Show

Hey everyone, we will be performing at the Hard Rock Cafe' on Dec. 6th to support the Toys For Tots foundation. This is a really cool cause, and is a fun way for us to get into the holiday mood. There will be other very talented groups performing, and we have prepared a special set for the occasion, bring a toy if you can! Rob

As the winter sets in

Whoa, haven't posted a blog in awhile. Well, it was a hectic summer of gigging, followed by a return to the studio to record a five Song EP which we simply titled: Act 1. It mainly consists of the more aggressive songs we had been playing at shows that we never actually laid down. These have sold well, and we have some interesting plans for what is going to happen with Act 2...

Latest Blood Root News

Hey, we are currently booking shows for the future and writing new material. So far we've got a show at the beer tent at the local Mexican joint for Cinco De Mayo, a private party in Minnetonka, and a two day festival in Wisconsin comin up in a couple months. We'll have more details about the shows soon enough, just wanted to drop a line. Rob