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If you guys noticed I Just posteded up a new song I wrote called Mary. It was recorded locally by Gary Gordon and all the tacks were played by yours truly. This song is very special to me because its about this young girl named mary who was killed in a car wreck along with both her parents. I knew her and her parents and seen them every day at my job. I recorded this song with the intentions to sell it to raise some money to have a memorial placed at my job for mary and her parents. So please give it a listen and I hope you guys enjoy it! As of now i do not have it for sale online but I can make copies of it to sell locally or through mail along with some more material I have thats soon to come. message me for more info if interested

I'll Be Gone * Produced By Paul Baggott

so you may have noticed i have a new song up on my page! I'll Be Gone is a song i wrote a while back and i always liked it and wondered what it would sound like if it were to be played with a band. I didnt really have too much of an idea as far as direction goes but i knew it had a popy sound to it. Well all this changed when one day Paul Baggott messaged me and was wondering if id be interested in him producing my song. I said Lets go for it and i recorded my vocal and guitar parts and sent it off to him(sorry about the hiss, someday the vocal will be rerecorded in better quality) and paul worked wonders with it by adding all kinds of stuff like drums, bass, electric guitar, and even keys! Im just so happy with this song and what Paul did to it! Id like to thank Paul Baggott for all the hard work he put into this song and i cant wait till we do another one of my songs with him! http://www.reverbnation.com/paulbaggott


Hello everyone! If you took the time to listen to my songs on my profile thats great! but, these songs are strictly demo songs, if you havent noticed. I think i spent about a hour or less recording these songs and mixing them on my laptop. Im currently saving to record some of them and hopefully real soon! I would like to see some comments on them and maybe you guys can help me decide which one i should record first. -Thanks, Garrett Berry