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Man do we have alot happening!!

Hey guys!! Well things are starting to happen fast and pick up for us so time to do a update!! First off we have 2 awesome shows coming up and hope to see you all there! The first one is on May 18th at the North River Tavern and the big one is we are doing our first show at the Masquerade on May 31rst with Straight Line Stitch!! We are super stoke for both shows and we are working to the bone to make sure to do a epic show for you guys!! Also we have been selected to participate in a great contest for College Underground Radio. I wont get into the details here but we could really use your support and vote to win that contest. You can find the information on our Facebook page!! So check it out and vote for 5 by 5!! Also because of your support we are now Ranked #3 on the Alternative charts for Atlanta. But we want to be #1 and we need your continued support for that as well!! Keep spreading the word about us and getting people to our page and listening and liking our songs. We are overwhelmed by how much love and support we have gotten as we have risen up the charts and especially the comments fans and others have left for us about how much they love our music. We are truly humbled and it keeps us motivated to keep driving forward to put out better and better music!! So keep up the support coming and from all the guys at 5 by 5 THANK YOU to everyone!! We wouldn't be where were are without you!

Update on the Band

As you can tell its been a bit since we last posted something. That's because the band is furiously working on finish and recording songs for our new album. So a lot of time has been spent working on writing and fine tuning not only our new songs but some of our old songs as well. No need to worry because we are hoping to have all the great music out as soon as we can and will continue to bust our humps to get it out to you guys. Also if you check our sight we have some up coming shows and we would love if everyone can continue their support and show up. We also have some more shows we are working on locking down as well so keep looking as dates and times will be added for other shows. But to everyone thank you again for all the support you have shown thus far. We greatly appreciated it and it keeps us motivated to keep doing great things for you.

Change of Date for Smith's Olde Bar Show

Hey All!! Okay the date of the show for Smiths Olde bar has been changed to 02/21/12 at 8:00 pm. After a very large verbal beat down from fans and girlfriends since it was scheduled for valentines day I got the date changed. So no worries all is well and our women fans can put the pitch forks and torches down!! We are excited to be playing there and we really really need your support for this one!! So come on out and having a kick ass time and we promise to put on a great show along with the other acts!!

First Show in the books

Thanks to everyone who came out for our first show!! It was a great time by all!! Also a big thanks to Vinyl for letting us play there and a really big shout out and thank you to Legend Has It and Something Once Sacred for allowing a new band to share the stage and the kind words afterwards!! To all we thank you for your support and we'll keep up the hard work!! More shows and songs to come!!

Countdown to the Show

Hey Everyone!! The band is cocked, locked and ready to rock tomorrow at Vinyl!! To every one who has supported us...Thank You!! We really appreciate it!! And we hope to see everyone out there for our first show!!

Still Working Hard!!

Hey All!! Just an update the band is currently working on new material and focus on playing live shows as soon as possible!! Thanks for all the support we have received so far and we promise to keep up the hard work!!!