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Introduction ~ RobinJoLeady

Colorado singer-songwriter Robin JoLeady practically started singing before she could walk or talk, participating in every singing opportunity she could from singing backup for a musical stage group to many local, national, and international competitions to performing solo for quite a few years. Living with the daily inspiration of the Rocky Mountains outside her front door contributes greatly to her ability to convey the spiritual sense that a song strives to deliver. Her energy and enthusiasm for life and love is reflected in her music with a voice that transcends the times ~ from a romantic serenade that will tug at your heartstrings to an exhilarating foot stompin’ sound that makes you get up and dance! Robin has extensive experience entertaining in grandstand style as well as the elegance of a ballroom. Her performances in various venues have created a regional following. Keep your eyes out for that tour bus marked Robin JoLeady...she’ll be coming your way soon!