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Does anyone even read these things?

OK, I will freely admit it, I don't blog on here very oftern, in fact I think this is one of 4 entries for the entire year of 2014. So as this year draws to a close, I wanted to take a minute and say thank you. To each of you that have taken the time to listen, to share and buy. Being an indie musician is HARD! Aside from trying to compete with the major label machines as they turn out copy after copy of the same generic mind numbing nothing original crap, that the general public seem to lap up with a spoon, Daddy Star makes music that they won't play on the radio...well regular radio. So I have taken to other avenues to get my music heard. My 2 stand out moments for 2014 are this: 1/ The release of Dirty Girl-the second full length album 2/ reaching 12,000 followers on Instagram It's the small wins we need to remind ourselves of as indie musicians, for without the little things that keep us motivated and headed forward, still reaching for our goals, that keeps us feeling like we are on the right track. And you are a big part of that. From becoming a fan, to downloading a free track to sharing Daddy Star with your friends, it all matters so much and means the world to me so from the bottom of my dirty little heart I say this THANK YOU MOST SEXUALLY! I wish each one of you a very naughty 2015 and hope you will continue to support Daddy Star and share in my dirty mind. Much sex Daddy Star ps: keep an eye out in 2015 for 2 new releases FETSIH EP 2 and Daddy Star-the remix Album.


SHE'S OFFICIALLY OUT! I couldn't hold her one minute more! It was impossible, I tell you just impossible. She broke free and I couldn't stop her. and now SHE'S LOOSE!!! don't believe me just go and hear it for yourself DS

I beat myself UP!!!

I beat myself up. No really I do. I want everything to sound so perfect. To be just right. To illicit the exact emotional reaction I feel when I know the song is now perfect. To pass the electric charge directly from my loins into your ears. I want the experience to be visceral. I want you to plug in, press play, and be pleased....sexually. Sure I am making music and of course I want you to feel your hips move to my beats it is after all a record, but above all else I want your genitalia to catch fire.

I beat myself up because this new record was supposed to have been released last year, during the summer, but it wasn't and here is why. It wasn't right. I had written all the songs I wanted to to convey my idea of a dirty girl. An uber hyper sexualized woman who is brought to life in song after song. As it went along, it came to my attention that's not what the record was. The record was about the fantasy in men's minds and not the woman herself. So I had to write new songs. Songs that tapped into the fantasy that so many men have about their sexual partner being a dirty girl. Add new songs that added to the core songs I had already written that were in keeping with this new realized theme. I wanted to round out the fantasy to include the parts that were missing to make the whole record feel right.

All good sex happens in the brain, I have said it again and again. So I did something different this time around, I recorded men talking about a dirty girl. A dirty girl that wanted them to let their fantasies out. To crack the skull off society wide open, let the real urges come out and completely put away the rules. Limitless needs were explored, conversed and articulated. Recorded and edited and sewn together so that the fantasy in the minds of these men, about this perfect dirty girl, was captured.

The songs on this new record "Dirty Girl" are sometimes harder, sometimes more raw and definitely more real than anything I have put out before. It may very well shock you that men think this way, that their desires and how they portray women as sexual beings in their minds can be so blunt and primal, stripping away any and all conventions.

The Dirty Girl may very well be out there. Each of these songs might serve to spark something, catch fire and change a person and it may even be biographical for more than one real life dirty girl out there. In the end I made this record because dirty girls deserve to be celebrated. There should be no shame in your sexual desires. Let the spirit be free to imagine anything it can dream in the pursuit of sexual pleasure as long as it is mutual and between consenting adults....and don't forget your SAFE WORD!

Much sex Daddy Star

6 weeks and counting

I am so very excited to report that I have lined up a great new producer to help me finishing up the new record "I like Dirty Girls" The final mixes are near perfect, and once in the hands of this amazing producer will get that slick shining coating that will make each and every track thump the shit out of your speakers and have the club floor covered in sweat. This new record is such a great evolution to the Daddy Star sound and blends all the elements of electronica with heavy riffing guitars and new sexual explorations that your ears are likely to orgasm. So stay tuned, and come back often because you never know when I might drop a new track in as a preview just to get you all wet with anticipation. DS

Have you been missing my filthy mouth?

Hey Sexy babies, I have been in the studio, working to get out a brand new full length record for all you die HARD Daddy Star fans called.....wait for it......DIRT GIRL! This record is dedicated to all my dirty girls out there and the people who love them. Love to love them. Love to use them. Love to jerk off to them and all the things men will do to get their hands on a Dirty Girl. Two of the tracks are on my page already, Dirty Pussy and Um What You know my toys. But there is much more to come! so stay tuned, I am planning for a July 1 release date if all goes well so you have brand new dirty tunes to get you through another HOT HOT SUMMER!!!!l

too long for your mouth

Ok so it's been a while since I have posted a blog entry to let all you sexy babies know just what is going on with Daddy Star. I released an EP a month ago called FETISH EP, its 3 tracks, 1 remix and 2 instrumentals. It's just a little taster to keep you hungry for more. A full CD should be cumming out in early 2013 so make sure you check that out, it's going to be even raunchier and hotter than XXSEX. BUT HOW DADDY STAR? I know XXSEX was a very dirty record, but this next one is going to be so over the top naughty you might get arrested for just owning a copy. I will be busy busy busy putting it all together over the next month or so but I can't wait for you to hear it. In the mean time, do check out the FETSIH EP, all fuck even buy one, but as usual you can stream Daddy Star for free on this site. tell your friends, tell your mom, whatever you do just SCREAM MY NAME!!!!!!

out! DS


Hey all you sexy babies!! Daddy Star has been HARD!!!! HARD @ work recording a new EP for all you fans that just can't get enough of DS. This next EP is all about celebrating SEX!!! And all the sexy little things we do to get ourselves off!!!! I am going to explore all kinds of deliciously wicked themes on this EP and to keep you satiated until it's ready, I have posted a video for "I'm a sissy boy". An homage to all those men who love to dress as women out of sexual desire! So come and play it, and celebrate all things SEX!!!

Daddy Star

Fuck me on the dance floor

I love when I find a track, online, thru a friend, or in a movie that just makes me feel like moving. I recently found such a track, and it is right up Daddy Star's alley. Fuck me on the dance floor by DJ Absinth could easily fit into a Daddy Star night at the club, or could have been a track I crafted. But when I found it I knew I wanted to put my spin on it and I have done just that.

I reached out to DJ Absinth to make sure he was ok with me mixing his track and posting it and he generously said YES!

So until a new Daddy Star record drops, here is a little something to keep you wet until then.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and CUM back again real soon.

Daddy Star

CIUT radio interview

Hello Sexy babies, CIUT and the radio show Sex City, hosted by Bryen was kind enough to invite me back on to do the interview that didn't happen during Pride 2012. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Sex City, it is a radio show all about sex and all things related to sex. In case you were unable to stream the radio show last night, or catch it the old fashion way on your radio dial, you can find a copy of the interview loaded into my RN profile. Take a moment and have a listen. Daddy Star

Daddy Star......who is he?

Many people have asked, who is the man behind the persona? Well I could tell you but that would be no fun. Besides, aren't we all allowed to have a secret side?

I do have another RN profile, that showcases a completely different side to me, one that is more emotional and heartfelt and doesn't focus on sex.

It's all about love and life. Sure Daddy Star could be more about love, but aren;t there already enough love songs? How many songs about sex are there? And I mean SEX, not all the glossed over innuendos that exists on the charts. Someone who isn't afraid to say cock, fuck, cum, jerk, ass, and the like in the lyrics.

Well this is this girl Azealia Banks, but she is all about the vagina, and well let's face it Daddy Star is all about the cock.

So perhaps we can all get along? Just not in the same bed, HA!

Much sexy babies Daddy Star