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Keeping it real

People always say that they, (So Called) KEEP IT REAL. But do they? Because i KEEP IT REAL! And what i am meaning about KEEPING IT REAL. Is that i have OLD and NEW music on the internet. I HAVE AND I CAN SHOW! AND PROOVE! THAT I AM A GREAT ENTERTAINER! An entertainer who has grown, and imporoved. Tweeked some things. And went from needing beats, and instrulmentals to makeing my own. Knowing (only) how to turn the progams on. And all this while my music, my concepts, my verses, and my hooks was crasy crasy nice. Reverbnation.com is for new music. But i have past cds and singles ive done in the past also on the internet. Take a stroll back to the past with me, SINN STAALZ. To the early days of my career. And hear some real music. By a REAL ENTERTAINER. WHO KEEPS IT REAL. http:// myspace.com/sinnstaalz (click) playlist El Town Entertainment.18 Tracks! I completed this cd called HITMANS FOR HIRE.In the winter of 2009. With a GREAT PRODUCER, GREAT LYRACIST,and also a GREAT FRIEND. TONE TANA. Repping that gangsta crew ...$ BLUNTED MINDZ $... SINN STAALZ I KEEP IT REAL


Call it Talent,or Style,The X Factor,or just IT. I got IT!

The Bottom Line, of Making Music.

If you want to be the best. Invest!

El Town Entertainment

htty:// www.facebook.com/sinnstaalz ........................ htty://www.myspace.com/sinnstaalz ................... htty://www.betarecords.com/sinnstaalz I don't do it for money, I do it for the love of making music.