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Fuckin' A

What's up motherfuckers! 2012 was a rad year for the mighty Jaw Horse. We got to play with tons of rad bands and learned a lot along the way (like if someone asks you how many drops of liquid you want on your gummy worm, don't say "fuck it.")

We finished and released our full length "Cancer Creek" toward the end of the year, check out our Press Items to read some of the rad reviews we've gotten from The Soda Shop, Heavy Planet, and The Sleeping Shaman.

Also, welcome our new bassist Hoy Reigel! This motherfucker is the BEST, hands down, ask anybody...he joined up in December and we're sounding fucking tight..and loud.

2013 plans are to play as MANY fucking shows as possible. We've changed work schedules and shit so that we can at least double the amount of shows we played in 2012 without having to cherry pick the ones we think will be the better shows, we havent been batting a thousand with that anyway. So wherever you are, keep on the lookout. We have our first show of the year coming up this week in Williamsport, PA, and in a couple weeks we're hoping to win over some hardcore kids at Mojo 13 in Wilmington, DE.

We've also been writing. Possibly also in the next couple of weeks we are going to record 5 or 6 more songs. We'd really like to put these together with some other rad bands for some splits this year. These songs are fucking killer. Some of the best shit we've done. So if you're in a band and are interested in doing a split with us, get ahold of us with some of your songs and we'll work something out. If you're a label we'd like to work something out too. Yeah, fucking right, right? This whole fucking nu-metal meets hipster version of stoner rock seems to be what the kids are into, leaves it up to us legit heavy dudes to figure it out ourselves.

Fuckin' a.