Clevelander Nefertitti Avani takes Drake’s “Girls Love Beyonce” and rewrites it into a new creation called “First Time.” “You ain’t never had me giving you this feeling, /Never made a floor out of your celling / But everybody has their first time,” she softly coos. The talented songwriter has consistently been putting out hotness on her Soundcloud page. Check it out here and download this one up top.

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Here’s some brand new material from a beautiful & talented songstress out of Cleveland by the name of Nefertitti Avani, now honestly it started out with me hearing her sing a hook on the Tugun Canon track “Drugs” and ended up with me finding her music online, her voice is sooo beautiful and this record is very sensual and relaxing, its titled ”Oxygen”, you can also check out the record that started it all “Drugs” along side Tugun Canon after the jump!


Nefertitti Avani describes love like an ethereal ascension into space, floating so high you’ll need a dose of “Oxygen.” This smooth tune is sure to uncloud and take your mind to wherever bliss resides.

Birthed from Cleveland, Ohio and the city’s rich music scene, singer/songwriter/composer Nefertitti Avani is the granddaughter of Howard Johnson, an original member of the O’Jay’s. Singing at a very young age, Avani was putting together three-part harmonies at age nine and received national recognition for poetry at the age of 14. “My soul writes, my pen follows,” she says. "Being behind the scenes allows me creative freedom. I can do whatever I want and not worry about fitting into a box."

Nefertitti Avani is working on her EP “Motion Picture" due out in 2013.

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Here we have "Drugs", a track released by TuGun Canon featuring Nefertitti Avani's vocals. TuGun tells the in-depth story of his relationship and how it's more satisfying than any drug. Nefertitti Avani sings a hook that perfectly summarizes the idea of the track.

"No drink, no drug, no pill, can feel like you feel." – Nefertitti Avani