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You guys are AWESOME!!!!

Last night, we put our stamp down on First Avenue/7th Street Entry, alongside Evans Blue and State Your Cause... Truly an unforgettable night!!! Those of you that came saw it for yourself, and we couldn't be more grateful for your support. Our next goal as a band is a record to share with our fans! We'll keep you posted as new developments arise, including a pending CD release!

To our fans, you are our biggest inspiration! Nothing we do would have a fraction of its worth without you encouraging our cause!

Tonight, we're playing at Pub Monique in Stillwater from 9:30-1:30! Hope to see you all there!


Big Developments!!

Lots of exciting things happening lately in the world of OTIS... If you've been keeping up, you've noticed that we have TONS of shows on the horizon.

Our next show is set for JUNE 30th at Park Place in Saint Paul Park, MN... This is extra exciting, because the three of us grew up in the neighboring town of Cottage Grove. We're expecting a HUGE turnout, and it will most definitely be a night we won't soon forget! We're following that up with our return to Pub Monique in Stillwater on Thursday, JULY 5th, and then we're back to Macaluso's Roadhouse in Vadnais Heights on Saturday, JULY 7th! Check our calendar for more upcoming dates!

In addition to the added shows, we've been doing photo shoots and updating our presentation, because we will be commencing tracking for our upcoming record in the beginning of July, and should be finished with mixing and mastering by the end of August... Keep your eyes and ears open for updates on an upcoming CD release show sometime in the Fall!

We're REALLY EXCITED to share our music with you! Stay tuned for more!


New Beginnings

Hi hi, everybody!!

It's always nice to feel like you have a fresh start... Otis is definitely that for me! For those of you who have been following my trek as a solo artist, I appreciate you remaining patient while things came together... This is what I've been working toward, a band of brothers. I've known Sam and Zach for almost as long as I can remember. There is a natural chemistry that occurs when we get together and jam... At least I feel that there is. I guess you'll just have to feel it out for yourself!

I posted a video from a performance at Pub Monique... By the way, thanks to Derek Patterson for supplying the video! Otherwise, our demo should be finished by Friday or earlier, which I will post as soon as it's finished, so stay with us...

Next up, Saturday, December 10th @ MACALUSO'S ROADHOUSE in Vadnais Heights. It's a duo show with Sam on djembe, and I'll be rocking vocals and guitar, as usual.

Laterz, y'all! Enjoy the music! :-)