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"A Response To Baby Steps"

“A Response To Baby Steps” By Siti Slicka

I can’t recall when it happened, maybe amongst the years of adolescence or that ever so dreadful, "Midlife crisis", we forgot our lessons of Baby steps. As babies we were taught to stand unyieldingly on our own two feet, ten toes firm on the ground rooted to our beliefs. We were taught to take one step at a time, but nonetheless to move forward. In each precarious baby step, legs wobbling, body wavering from left to right, we were taught to have faith in the next step greater than the last. As we walk in excitement and celebrating this wonderful journey, as short as it may be, but nothing short of fulfilling. We were taught no matter how many times you fall, to get back up and continue your mission. We understood that sometimes we may need that extra support to cling on to until we’re back on our feet, so we were not penalized for it, more so encouraged to find that foundation which inevitably leads us to that joy. We crawl before we can walk, Walk before we can run, Run before we can jump, and when we jump we soar into new heights that many weren’t lucky enough to experience. But it all starts from Baby Steps. Love, is a lot like Baby Steps. As adults who’ve been hurt in the pursuit of this Four Lettered Radiance, we abandon our lessons, We forget. We forgot that we were taught you are going to get knocked down, not every journey is successful, sometimes you get tired, you get lost along the way, a lot of the times we suffer injuries, but we must get back up and continue. We forget that we were taught to stand firm on our feet, no matter how weak, or unstable it may seem but eventually we’ll get there. We forget that sometimes you may need that support to stabilize a fickle heart so we shun. We shun the ones who come strong enough to mend a broken heart, and to support and do away with both our insecurities. We forget how to take Baby Steps and what that really means. If you are going to Love me I want you to do so, in "Baby Steps". But understand, Baby Steps aren’t minute, No, in fact their the complete opposite. Baby Steps are confident, believing you deserve to be Loved and not only Loved But Unconditionally. Baby steps is Faith knowing that you will undoubtably find that Love. Baby is steps are determined knowing no matter how many times we fall and get hurt we will get back up. Baby steps is Trust, openness to the one who wants to love us and allowing them to do so. Baby steps is steady, strong and Satisfying to the highest extent, when you find that Love. Most of All, Baby Steps Is A Learning experience that we must all endure.. Baby Steps are all these Things and More! 1 thing baby steps isn’t, Is Fear! You can’t be afraid to Love or to let be Loved. So ask yourself, Are you Really Taking Baby Steps?

"I know this, I know you"

"I know this, I know you" By Siti Slicka

It appears we have reached an impasse truth be told this is a mark I've been passed let not the naive characterize us , we know where this is headed still reluctantly question if this is wanted or we're confused? How i see it, this the point of no return, and i wanna go to experience the new with this old friend and its new but it feels so familiar I know this, I know you. It's like a match made so perfect that it couldn't work, or can it? I know this, I know you. We're so in sync I'm surprised you have yet to finish my sentences but that's a bond that comes from conditioning but still, I know this, I know you. It's like the thrill of something real, almost too real to be true but I know this, I know you! I know the laughs we share are real I know the hurt we display is real I know the desire all to well and i know you feel it too. They say in one mans trash lies the treasure in every pleasure for the next man and I'm ready to possess it, but what if that man treasures his possession? would that make me a thief? To take his prized possession, because my polish shines brighter? we know where this is headed, but i wanna go I know this, I know you. I wanna know. I wanna know does those same lips that utters them sweet words and appease my senses taste just as sweet? I wanna know if this beautiful individual in all appearance feel just as beautiful deep inside? I wanna explore her mental, i wanna see where she's coming from I wanna explore her inner, feverishly banging down the walls of the hallway searching for that spot that encloses the flood gates so when her levees break she screams, Damn! and I will know where she cums from they say you don't know what you have till you've lost it, It also holds true that you know not what's missing till you find it, well if we know not what is claimed, nor what else can be gained, its rather impossible trying to define this. So i guess I don't know this, nor do I know you, what I do know is that I want to, Honestly, Heaven only knows where this is headed, so let's just explore and let it and whatever happens we'll cherish and not regret it. Lets travel this path and the stresses, dont stress it It'll all be worth while, Trust me Because I know this, I know you..