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Songs added,,,,

Driftin and Crazy Over You are songs from The Bombshellz CD. Separated and Silent Whispers are songs that were written for The Bombshellz but did not fit the style of the music at that time. So they got shelved and forgotten about till now. They are my two favorite songs from that Band so I am including them here. Analog recordings on old tape so please bear with it. Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed recording them.

New CD Release...

Ok first I would like to announce that I am finally finished with my Solo CD "Through The Mist". This CD is my homage to the bands throughout the years that have greatly influenced me in my musical direction. My last band O.H.M. was a product of my various influences by the Prog-Metal Bands I grew up with. Everything from Captain Beyond to Iron Maiden, and Dream Theater. Likewise this CD was a product of my influences by the Prog Bands I grew up with. King Crimson, ELP, Yes, etc. If you pay close attention you might even recognise my influences by Flash, PFM, Gentle Giant and many others. This CD is my homage to them. It was a labor of love and I am glad I finally got around to doing it. Playing all the instruments myself was a chore but I remember reading the credits on the 1st Traffic Album "Dear Mr Fantasy" and Stevie Winwood played like a ton of instruments on it. I was so impressed by that and I thought someday it would be great if I could do a Album where I also played a bunch of instruments. As it turned out I ended up playing all the instruments except drums. Those I programmed. It was a challenge and a goal finally realised. There were many Musicians who were supposed to play on this CD but ultimately I just needed to do it myself. There is plenty of music to be recorded with them on the next one. Four of the songs are for sale on the main page here at ReverbNation. Half the proceeds go to the Fender Music Foundation. They help young children with music programs around the nation. Even if you don't like the song buy it anyway to help our youth! It is much appreciated. The new CD "Through The Mist" is now available on iTunes, Amazon, and a ton of other sites. Type Jerry Von Behrens and it should show up. While J Alan Balmer (Guitar) and Gene Behrens (Drums) both contributed their Writing input on songs on this CD They do not Perform on it. However I have included a video on this site of both of them with myself and Ken Taylor (Bass Guitar) Performing at a Prog fest a while back. Well thats it till next time. Enjoy and keep the faith. We play for you. We hope you are always entertained.

Circa's Scott Connor

We are currently trying to work out a deal with "Circa" Drummer Scott Connor to play on the new CD. Scott is currently playing with ex-Yes members Tony Kaye and Billy Sherwood. More on this as things unfold.

Behrens-Fest 2012

OHMen would like to thank everyone who attended our Prog/Rock-Fest 2012 in Illinois this summer. We had a great time and the audience was filled with friends and family. It was awesome! And a special thanks to all the musicians who showed up to lend a hand. They played their collective asses off! We had a great time and will be doing this again next summer! And yes our side project "Mongolian Death Wurm" did play as well! J. Alan and I also did an acoustic set which is always fun as well. Great gig, can't wait to do it again!

Its getting there.....

We have 5 songs finished and are in the process of working on a rather lengthy (5 songs in 1) mega song. When finished we will have our CD finished and be ready to start rehearsals to promote it. Life is good.

OHMen has posted a new song "Ragnarok"

OHMens new track "Ragnarok" is finished. This will be the 2nd track on the new CD following "As Day Breaks". It is entirely recorded on Keyboards and Drums. There are no Guitars or Bass Guitars.

Song #3 is almost finished

Our 3rd song is almost finished and will be posted soon. It is titled "Ragnarok" and has a bit of a ELP/Refugee feel to it. It is keyboard driven and there is no guitar tracks.

OHMEN Updates....

When Gabriel and I first started the side project OHMEN the plan was to continue on in our Prog / Metal mode in the tradition of our old band O.H.M. But as time has progressed we are writing songs that are 100 % progressive rock and we seem to have left metal by the wayside. Rehearsals are going well. The songs are much more complicated then the material we played in O.H.M. and this will be more of a "sit and listen" band then a head banging band. Between the two of us we will be playing all the instruments on the new CD. If we decide to play out live we will probably ask Chuck Petersen to play bass for us. Chuck and I have recently reunited on face book and being that he was the 1st student of Jaco Pastorius I think he would fit right in. He is extremely talented. Trivia fact on Chuck...He replaced Lee Dorman in Capt. Beyond way back in the 70's. We will not need another guitarist but will need a keyboard player. I will try and recruit my long time friend and "on again off again" Band member Jim Yukich to join the cause... BTW.. Jim and I are doing a gig October 8th at the Fair in Pasadena. More on this later... The music is sounding similar to King Crimson, Porcupine Tree, and a little Gentle Giant and Trans Atlantic sprinkled in. But hopefully we are developing our own sound as well. Its hard work but very gratifying. It will take a while to get these songs down good enough to record them. So I will do updates as things progress. Cheers, JB