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Art Music For Bass Completed

Well dang it`s done!!!! JRobbins did a wonderful mix and Paul Blakemore did the mastering... "Poof" a great sounding cd!!! For sale at www.jayaturner.net. Thanks for taking the time to listen to new music!!!!! Jay

Art Music for Bass

So I went in the studio a few weeks ago with a great collection of musicians. Interesting in that we had sectionals but no one really understood what the pieces were going to sound like with all the parts present. We set up at Magpie Birdcage with J Robbins at the helm, gobos everywhere, nice big live room we started to work; 2:30 till midnight musicians were coming in and out of the studio to do their part and grab a meatball sub:) Check out the video "Chico and Rita" thats unmixed but you can get an idea of what we accomplished. Justine Miller, JP Gaster, Josh Howell, Dave Fairall, Chris Brooks, Michael Sauri, Thanks for working with me on this recording!! More to come!!

Its a good day!!

Received the newly mastered "Circling"cd today and it sounds fantastic!!! The updates on www.jayaturner.net are starting to come together. Just good stuff!!!

my reflecting in the snow storm..

Its not that deep, well the snow will be in about 5 hrs. Anyway, Just listened to a rough mix from T Principatos new release and it Really sounds good. Few weeks ago THe Remnants roughs came in wow!!! Big wow... Howard Markmans Roughs a few weeks before that, another great sounding project all different all there own ... Gee, I was ask to play on these projects... Just siting here thinking how cool it is to do that. Live playing is part of it but the recording end has always enlightened me; That and barbecue.A couple of hundred disc and probably 2 fold that in demos or projects that will never see the light of day(thats a shame). Its been a good way too spend my life. I`m thankful for those that have included me on their project! S0, Back to snow gazing:) See ya, JT

The Winter Project

Winters here and so is the project.10 or 12 songs just bass and vocal with a bit of percussion. I`ve been interested in this idea for a long time.I made a list of my favorite singers and `am in process of asking them to participate. So far Really great response. I`ll post the list of singers and songs when we get there. This is a lot of fun , I don`t know how or where to start with the recording end of it. The process of listening,getting into a song, and then allowing the song to morph, waiting for the stew... Winter stew ---yea it`ll be all winter. I`ll post some of the pieces when they are done. Thanks for reading and Your interest!!!! JT

Home , Nice to be home!!

Eurovantour. Different country every day for 15 days, back on the plane. Lots of new sensations. When people come together to enjoy a performance, the art of listening and really playing form the heart, eyes closed, smiles, handshake, a dancer. Soaked in sweat about song #3. Thats some fun way to do it!!!! It was a good trip. Didn`t get alot of down time to sight see but after all, it is a work:) I`m home and I have a couple of painting jobs to do. Oh yea, I begun the ground work for the next cd, to be revealed soon:). Heard the Forbidden Prophets roughs wwwooooww RNR big time!!! Sleep time jet lag on my shoulder Thanks again for your support!!!! JT

"Ha!" another one

Another one of these blog things... I still am not really certain about the blog.. oh well.. blog on////This is the kind of week: all the experience adds up and pays off. I wish I had 2 for one. Juggling the hats elevates to a higher art form. One more thing and all would loose. The pay-off is why we work so hard. 5 p`s proper preparation prevent piss poor performance.

OK and on Monday 15 Day European tour with The Tom Principato Band !! SEE YOU Soon!! JT Tuesday 11/3 The Village — Habach, Germany Wednesday 11/4 Volkshaus — Klagenfurt, Austria Thursday 11/5 TUNNEL VIENNA — Vienna, Austria Friday 11/6 UR Bar — Magdeburg, Germany Saturday 11/7 DE WEEGBRUG — Roermond, Holland Sunday 11/8 XXL BLUES CLUB — Wageningen, Netherlands Monday 11/9 Munster Jazz Club — Munster, Germany Tuesday 11/10 Casino — Gerardmer France w/Fred Chapellier Wednesday 11/11 Le Moulin — Paris, France Thursday 11/12 Le Batadan Dixie Frog Records Night — Paris, Sunday 11/15 Carlisle Blues Festival 1pm — Carlisle, U.K. Monday 11/16 FAMOUS MONDAY BLUES CLUB — Oxford, UK

New Blog Oct 11

Okay #2. Still plenty of fall out from the juggling of hat(s). Thats what I do. Its interesting when I feel the artsy part of me being called out. I paint houses , mainly by myself. Its balance between meditation and immediate gratification. Mostly it distances me from things in the arts that I don`t want to do, Oh did I forget, I can pay my bills. Theres always this vacuum at the end of a project, when that subsides and the artistic tap on the shoulder becomes a reality... holy shit.. back in the journey again. Thanks God or whatever.Passing thoughts generally point somewhere. The brewing of a new project... Thanks for stopping by!! JT

wow ,a life of juggling hats

My first blog, Hmmmmm.Sooo,a life of juggling hats (listening to GoldFrapp 7th tree)What a great disc. Kind of a retrospective few hours going on wow. New cds done, And the singers singing Happiness Happiness...Well at least I really like my new disc. But for me its always been about the chase. Thats exciting, not knowing what the muses will bring in composition or on the next session. yea man .Its been a rich year of new sites and sounds, I can feel the start of the new project.. But until then juggle some more hats. I guess its the payment for striving to be an artist, more like a living log; fill up the dumpster, jump in, see whats good and bad, jump out

OK I did it 30 solid seconds of what was spinning thru my brain:) Thanks, See ya again!! JT