Ready for take off

Greetings to all members of The Demonic Horde! Some of you have just heard us for the first time, others have been with us since the start, but we're truly grateful for all of your support - YOU RAWK!

So, we've just had the digital release of 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. II' and the response from reviewers and fans alike has been overwhelmingly positive. Massive thanks to all of you who have streamed, downloaded and shared tracks so far!

The Demonic Chronicles trilogy is the story of how Lucifer sends five demons up 'to the surface' to win back souls who have given up the rock 'n' roll lifestyle. The demons then go and possess the bodies of suitably evil individuals, then go about their mission via the medium of heavy metal. This part of the story is covered in 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. I.'

Once they have physical bodies, The Demons run amok, causing havoc and general chaos. Many of their victims end up psychologically scarred for life, others are believed to be insane when they try to tell people what they've witnessed and others...well, check out the video for 'Murdercycle' and you'll see what happens to them! All of this is covered in 'Vol. II.'

And Volume III? We can't tell you TOO much about that yet, but check out the special narrative bonus track, 'Angelic Assassins' on our Twitmusic page or on the 'Chronicles II' CD (when it's available) and you'll get a big clue about what happens in the final part of the trilogy!

What we CAN tell you about Volume III is that, unlike Vol. I & II, we aren't using drop B tuning and have moved to standard concert pitch. This might sound a bit of a radical move to some of you, however let us assure you that the new tracks we have in the pipeline are just as heavy as the songs on the first two CDs. We can also promise some genuine, Old School, fists in the air, epic tracks, some of which are already coming together.

When Vol. III is released depends largely on what happens behind the scenes. There are some interesting opportunities opening up and, ideally, we won't be self-releasing the last part of the trilogy...

In the meantime, we really hope you enjoy Volume II and, if you want to ask us any questions about anything to do with the Demons, you can hit us up on our Reverb Nation profile, Facebook and Twitter (@demonsofficial).

That's all for now, so have a kickass weekend and thanks for reading!


The stories behind 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. I'

Greetings, Demons!

Just a few short weeks to go before we release our debut mini-album (it's too long to be classed as an EP)! As some of you know, our stage look and persona is based on five different, but equally evil, characters we have created and, like any good horror baddy, they all have back stories.

So, what are the stories and how did the Demons come into being? Well, here are those stories and it's exclusive to you guys that have taken the time to read them!

Track 1 - Unleash the Demons

Aghast at dance acts headlining metal festivals and key emissaries turning their backs on drink, drugs and sex, Satan decides it's time to take action. He calls forth 5 of his demons to go and win back as many souls as possible by any means possible...

Track 2 - 100 Year Crime Spree II

The Bass Demon reanimated the corpse of Chicago gangster Machine Gun Skelly (no, that's not a typo), one of the evillest, nastiest bastards to walk the earth in the last 150 years. This track tells of just a few of Machine Gun's heinous acts during his 100 Year Crime Spree.

Track 3 - Tombstone Cowboy

It's the 1800's in the Wild West, and one individual is wilder than the rest. Having made a pact with the Devil to protect him in return for harvesting souls, the Tombstone Cowboy proceeds to do whatever and whoever, whenever he wants. Unfortunately, the Sheriff in El Paso has different views. The partially decomposed corpse of the Tombstone Cowboy is where the Vocal and Guitar Demon made his home.

Track 4 - Watch Your Back

They call him 'The Butcher' because of his passion for sexy time with women that can't reject him and his awkward habit of keeping certain parts as mementos. The Butcher is the only living human that was taken over by a demon, in this case, the Drum Demon

Track 5 - Digital Death

Disgusted at how humans smell, feel, taste and gradually die from the moment they are born, the Tech Demon chose to wrap his amorphous forms in robes rather than have to touch a human body. Realising that he could channel his evil across any kind of power or data network, Digital Death proceeded to kill his victims - from the inside...

Track 6 - Psycho Wing I & II

Satan tried to steal Psycho's soul when he was a baby, but his inherent goodness always kept full evil at bay. Yes, he killed his parents and a few others but it's not like he had any say in the matter. Finally, the Second Guitar Demon finds a home as Psycho is fried in the electric chair, free at last to embrace his darker side.

Track 7 - 100 Year Crime Spree I (narrative bonus track)

This is purely a bit of fun, a radio-play style re-enactment of the last moments of Machine Gun Skelly's life.

So, now you know what lies behind our evil little band! 'The Demonic Chronicles Vol. I' is released Halloween 2012 on CD and digitally everywhere and we hope you enjoy hearing the full, unabridged thing in it's entirety!

Stay evil,

D.O.O.M \m/ \m/

Under construction

For the last year and a half the Demons have been content with playing covers,but now for the first time since forming we have decided to write some of our own arse kicking tunes,we have three songs well under way.watch this space

New songs

Work is well underway on our first original track,we are all very excited about this

gigmass eve

All is quiet on gigmass eve,the Demons are relaxing in this cold cold weather(well it is very hot where we come from)