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NevaEver was born on July 16, 1983 on North Austin, an area directly across the street from Chicago's Westside. Growing up in this neighborhood, young NevaEver didn't know exactly what he wanted to do but knew one thing from his streetwise upbringing. Make your way on the streets...you'll either end up dead or in jail. He soon found his calling in music.

"Music is my everything...Music is not just something that sounds good, it feels good. That's why most people only play music they can relate to, and it's a universal language," says Evans. His work ethic was served him well and he maintains a good balance between the creative and the commercial. "It's important to be profitable, but not sacrifice all your creativity to do so. What I feel is that a good artist is balanced, and also "never say never" which to me means never quit no matter how bad things look." NevaEver has performed for local showcases and clubs just trying to promote himself and was recently chosen as a semi finalist in a contest on LOUD.com.

Currently, NevaEver is writing songs for future recordings and writing for other artists that he works with and is in the process of recording for his next album as well called "Never Say Never Vol. 1". To keep up with and buy music from this artist, visit www.myspace.com/nevaever, www.loud.com/nevaever, www.soundclick/nevaever.