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Spring Time

The yellow of cloud of pollen has now surfaced in Georgia and South Carolina, so I need to stock up on claritin and local honey. I am lining up some new shows and will be making my rounds for your ears enjoyment. Keep checking back with me and we will see where the road will take us.

Christmas In The Air

Well its Christmas, amazing how the time fly's. A lot of changes have been happening in my life. As you might have read recently just had my first child, which has opened up a whole new door to songwriting. Its fun watching our little man find new things to just stare and stare so more. This weeks muse is the Christmas Tree. Gonna be fun celebrating this Christmas with him and his mom. I would like to ask that you take a minute a listen to my song December in Dahlonega so you can enjoy the Christmas spirit. Thanks for reading.

Autumn Air

Its that time of the year...Autumn. College Football, Professional Football, Winter Classic in baseball, but most importantly cool nights and shorter days. I always find that my music production is higher in my favorite season of the year. I have already written 3 new songs and working on a couple of more. AH...Autumn