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It's been ages since my last blog! I've been so busy lately but now I've decided I have to blog once every week. One blog every Monday and one video every Saturday. No idea what I'm going to put in it yet but this will start of September 2013 unless I find some time before then.

GCSEs are quite so stressful. ;)

I got into my school's play and I'm playing Othello: The mad Shakespearean guy who wants to kill his wife. The person playing my wife is one of my best friends :D

I went to Bahrain, Middle East for my entire summer so no instruments (AAAAH!) but I am traveling tonight/tomorrow morning back to my guitar, piano and my sweet, sweet keyboard! It's been good here, saw my best friend of the Middle - East (BahrainiBestie) and me and my family are going bowling tonight before we go to the airport.

I wrote a song while I was here for depressed/suicidal/self-harming people (teens in particular but anyone can listen of course!). I called it Suistop - Like the word suicide and stop mixed together.

Help me by hastagging '#SuiStop' because I've started hoping it'll catch on but I need a couple of my fans to help me out.

Well that's my catch up done! Until next time, Ciao!

Anjastazia Intro

Hello, everyone. I find amazing that us aspiring artists have an oppurtunity like Reverbnation to show what we're made of. I don't usually write a blog but I guess I'll start with "Remember Me". I wrote this song just before the beginning of Year 9 because I knew this is the year where we would make the most changes, good and bad. I wrote it especially for me best friend, Aleacia, though she hasn't heard it yet but she will soon on her birthday :)

I really love writing songs and I wonder how my life would be without it... Huh...:)