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Hey y'all! I feel like I've waited my entire life to be able to say this... so here it goes: We've Officially signed a Record Deal with ROCK RIDGE MUSIC and will be immediately embarking on a National Radio Tour supporting our new single, "Lookatchu."

Rock Ridge Music (RRM) will be releasing our single to radio and it will be available on all digital outlets on February 11th. In addition, RRM will take on a co-management role alongside my lifelong manager, Frank Annunziata of AEM, Inc.

The boys in the band & I couldn't be more excited about this life-changing opportunity! We're so pumped to hit the road for our Radio Tour and hopefully bring our newest single to your local station in your hometown! It's gonna be an amazing 2014. We could never have achieved this without the love and support of our amazing fans and we're so grateful for the life they've provided for us. We'll do everything we can to make y'all proud and exceed your expectations!

Time to celebrate.... -jb

New Album, New Tour, New Single, New Vibes

Hey y'all! Been a while since I've blogged! I figured it was time to fill everyone in on what's happening in our world! So here's the scoop....

As many of you know, we've been out touring with our buddies in Sister Hazel. We've been having the time of our lives out in Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maryland, Ohio, and so many other place. Ken, Drew, Mark, Jett, Ryan, and Dave have been nothing short of amazing to us! They've been showing us the ropes and we're learning every day from the guys. They've been doing this for 20 years and their fans are their family. We try to do the same for ours! It's been an incredible experience... and we're looking forward to all of our upcoming dates we have with them!

We just finished recording our 2nd album (not yet titled) in Nashville at SONY TREE. For my second album, I hired my long-time friend, Chris Stone as my Producer. Chris has worked with some of Country's elite (Big & Rich, Mac McAnally, Jimmy Buffett, Travis Tritt)... just to name a few. Chris and I have such a tight friendship, that is just felt natural to create music together in the studio. I couldn't be more proud of how the album sounds! I worte/Co-Wrote all of the songs on the album except one. This album is truly a piece of who I am. So I can't wait til y'all hear it!

We're releasing our first single from this album, "A Soldier's Memoir (PTSD Song)" to all digital markets on July 16th. It will also be released to radio on July 23rd. This song means more to me than I am able to describe in words. I have been playing it for friends that are currently serving (or have served) in the Armed Forces, and the reaction has been humbling. In addition, some of Nashville's top writers have given the song amazing reviews already. I am so grateful. I want this song to be heard by the world because it's so important to me that we might be able to help those people struggling with PTSD.... not to mention, their families/friends, as well.

Oz, BDubbs & I will be heading out on the road in the next month or so on a radio tour visiting radio stations all throughout the South and MidWest in support of "A Soldier's Memoir."

Lastly... we have some really exciting events coming up to share with y'all. (ALL of our dates can be found here on RN or on joebachman.com)

1- Aug 11- Special Show at The Pitman Theater in Pitman, NJ to benefit THE Boot Campaign.

2- Sept 26-28 we were added to the bill of The PEPSI GULF COAST JAM with Toby Keith, Kip Moore, Tate Stevens, and so many more... Panama City Beach, FL

3- We're BEYOND excited to be a part of Country Legends ALABAMA'S FESTIVAL AT SEA! Take a cruise with us, Alabama, Randy Travis, Criag Morgan... and a bunch more amazing bands/musicians!

Thank y'all so very much for your support, love, and friendship. Without y'all... NONE of this is possible! We can't wait to see everyone out on the road.... and to hear what you think of the new music!



"A Soldier's Memoir" (PTSD Song) Releasing on iTunes July 16, 2013

“A Soldier’s Memoir” PTSD Song by Joe Bachman - Available on iTunes July 16th, 2013. A portion of the proceeds from EVERY SALE will go to THE BOOT CAMPAIGN - http://bootcampaign.com/
On May 1st, 2011 I was performing on the Southernmost Beach during the Key West Songwriter's Festival. During the performance, I invited all of the Armed Forces & their families to come to my show that evening at Sloppy Joes at 10PM. As I stood onstage at Sloppy Joes at approx 9:30PM, one of my dear friends from The US Air Force (Daniel Sheridan) approached the stage with my best friend. He asked me to make an announcement that would change my life forever. He asked me to announce that US Special OPS had just killed Osama Bin Laden. This was approximately 20 minutes before the nation found out the news on TV. The room was filled with members of our Armed Forces and their families. There was a buzz in the room. I was afraid to make such a heavy announcement in the small chance it wasn't true. But I was assured by several high-ranking officials that were present that night that it was, in fact, very true. I made the announcement and instantly brought Daniel up on stage as we all sang the National Anthem together and shared a moment I will never forget. I was told by several members of the Sloppy Joes staff that night ... "it was the loudest I have ever heard this building."

For the next 25+ days, I was out touring and playing shows. The next time I got home was around June 1st. When I walked in the door, there was a box on my kitchen table. I opened it and there was a folded American Flag along with a plaque (picture attached). Apparently, on May 1st as I made that announcement and paid tribute to our Soldiers fighting for us.... I had friends that were stationed in GTMO that were actually watching us LIVE via the webcam when the news broke. They celebrated with us that night... and felt the energy in the room. They took an American Flag and flew it for 9 minutes and 11 seconds over GTMO as token of their appreciation for my Patriotism and presented it to me. It is STILL the most cherished personal belonging I own.

Which leads me to this song. Approximately one year later (May 2012), my dear friend Jason Duff of the US Navy (one of the Sailors that signed my plaque) sent me text message. Paraphrasing, it read as follows: "Joe, there's a ton of songs about the troops... and the unfortunate ones we lost. But, I've never heard a song about the ones that have gone overseas, fought for our Country, and have since come home and are dealing with what they saw, heard, felt and smelled. Can you write a PTSD song?" Jason is a psychologist. He deals with PTSD every single day. When I got his text, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I NEEDED to write this song. I needed to let the Soldiers and Sailors know that we, their friends and families, "get it." We understand what they are going through and we are here for them. I knew the song was going to be a "heavy" song for people to hear... but I thought it was so important for it to be heard.

I got together with one of my best buds and one of my favorite songwriters in Nashville in July of 2012, and together we wrote the most important song I will ever write. It means everything to me and I still feel every word singing it every night. I just hope it can help those who have served (and their families) by knowing we understand....

Twitter: @ASoldiersMemoir Facebook: A Soldier's Memoir

Visit the Official Joe Bachman website at: http://joebachman.com

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Radio Tours Are Crazy!

Happy Tuesday, y'all! Hope everyone is doing great today. We finished week 1 of our Radio Tour on Sunday. We played 15 stations in 4 days across Kentucky, West Virginia & Virginia. It was such an amazing, exhausting, inspiring experience. To give you "sense" of what a day is like on a Radio Tour. Here ya go:

Imagine waking up in your hotel at 6AM. Shower, get dressed and in your truck by 7AM. At your first radio station by 7:20AM. You walk in, introduce yourself, and set up your guitar(s), keyboards and vocal mics. At 7:45AM, you go LIVE on-air and you talk about yourself and your album for 10 minutes and then you play 2-3 songs. By 8AM, you pack up your things, say thanks... and you jump in your truck and drive 2-4 hours to repeat the same process 4 times in a day before doing one last 2-3 hour drive to your final hotel for the night (which is usually right next to the 1st station of the next morning). Your day consists of 500-700 miles driven... 3-4 radio stations... and countless memories on the road with your band mates! Last week, Oz & I had Brian with us. This coming week, Oz & I will have Dteve with us. THAT is going to be an adventure! We're heading out to Iowa & Wisconsin. Can't wait to catch up with some of our friends in the midwest!

A real quick THANK YOU to each and every one of you that have been sharing our video... telling friends to download our App... and most of all, for requesting #STRS at your local radio stations and The Highway XM59. You guys are amazing!

Special thanks to ALL of the Radio Stations around the country that have been supporting #STRS and playing us and adding us to your rotations! We are forever grateful! #keepitcountry

On a somber note, I just want to say my thoughts are with Jen and Greg on the horrible murder of their daughter, Autumn Pasquale in Clayton, NJ. There are no words that any of us can say to comfort you at this time. On behalf of my entire band, management & I ... we all hope that you find some peace in knowing that you are surrounded by love & friendships that are here for you in every way. RIP, Dear Autumn. Counting the days until your killer(s) are brought to justice.

3 Man Blog Post

As we sit here in the Miami Airport, on one of our 3+ hour layovers today! So... I figured we'd do a 3 man blog!

JOE BACHMAN: I have spent the last 7 days talking like Christopher Walken, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Cleveland from Family Guy with Oz & Walsh. I've laughed so hard my side hurts. We are sitting in the "D" Terminal and we have to get to "J." I'm guessing Oz won't get to Boston. He does not have a real ticket.

OZ: Tonight is supposed to be my "homecoming" show in Boston. I am sitting in Miami International Airport without a valid ticket to get me to Philadelphia, where I have not one, but TWO tickets in my name to get to Boston. Luckily for me, I can fall asleep anywhere, so during our ~7.5 hours of layover time, I'm going to make sure I'm well rested. Much love to you all....fingers crossed I make it to Boston!

B-DUBS: Hold on, let me turn down my radio... I'm listening to Horny Darren on AR567 The Nugget XM Radio... ok, I'm good now. Greetings from South Beach! What a cluster-F of a morning. I see that you have been updated with our current situation. Amazingly, I'm in the best situation as i have both a ticket AND my luggage with me. That said, we had a very fun time down in the Conch Republic. Lots of laughs and smiles. We are also, for as exhausted as we are, very excited to a return to Bean Town. Don't forget: Tuesday, STRS goes national! Blow up your local radio stations with requests for it!!

Bachman: So there ya have it! Road Blog for the day! Hope y'all have an amazing weekend! #keepitcountry

Let The Sleepless Nights Begin!

Hey y'all! So it's Saturday, September 29th and I am in Key West, FL with Oz and Brian. We start playing 4 shows tomorrow at Island Dogs... and on Thursday, October 4th, we're playing a big show down here at The Smokin' Tuna with Montgomery Gentry, Nick Norman Band, and other Special Guests. The event will be filmed for a future TV Special on GAC and hosted by Storme Warren. On Friday, we head up to Boston for the weekend... and then the craziness begins!

This whole amazing thing we've worked so hard to bring to y'all... the album, the live show, the Social Media Pages, the Merch, the Music Videos, the "Making Of", and so much more.... it's all ready! We go to radion with our Debut Single, "Small Town Rock Stars" on October 9th. We're gonna need your help by calling, texting, Facebooking, and Tweeting your local radio stations requesting our song! The more they hear from their fans, the more they'll play it! Beginning in Mid October... and not ending until late January... I will be visiting several radio stations per day throughout the mid-west with Oz. We'll be heading to Kentucky, Iowa, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkasas, Missouri, and more... so we hope to visit with friends out there on the road... and, of course, meet a ton of new ones!

Our video has been sent to GAC/CMT/TCN for them to start playing it. If we get enough radio plays, then they'll all pick it up, for sure!

In closing... I can't thank you enough. EVERYTHING we've worked for in the last 2 years is READY! My amazing band (Dteve, Jared, Garret, Brian, Kyle, Chris & Steve) are all so excited to get out on the road playing the album! My amazing Management (Frank Annunziata of AEM) and Kevin "Sully" Sullivan have been so awesome in getting all of the final details in place!

So... keep sharing our debut video (Small Town Rock Stars) with all of your Social Media friends... and get ready to call/text your local radio stations!

From the bottom of my heart... and the heart of my bottom... Thank you all so so much! It's time to show the country how we do it!

#keepitcountry y'all!


Where Has The Last 4 Months Gone?

Hey y'all! WOW. In some ways, it feels like my album came out yesterday! In other ways, it feels like it's been out forever. As many of you know, we played the album last week in Nashville for the 1st time for some of the industry's best songwriters, musicians, and A&R people. The response was awesome. We are scheduled to play the album again in Nashville at 12th/Porter for CMA Week on June 7th.

As you can see by our schedule, we've been incredibly busy booking shows from Boston to Philly to Chicago to Key West and more. We're excited to leave on Sunday for the 17th Annual KEY WEST SONGWRITER'S FESTIVAL which I'll be playing a couple of shows with some of my great friends Arlis Albritton, Dan Adams, Cliff Cody, Brian Davis and more!

There's currently SO MUCH going on behind the scenes right now and we can't wait until we can start telling you all of the great stuff that we have planned.

For now... we just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the love & support. We couldn't do ANY OF THIS without y'all! #KeepItCountry

one love. jb

December 27th- Happy NEW YEAR!

Hey y'all! Just wanted to wish each and every one of you a Happy & Healthy and Safe.... and LOVE-FILLED New YEAR! As of this morning, my album drops worldwide in 7 days! I am more excited than I can possibly express! The band & I are rehearsing the next 2 days to get the show ready for everyone to hear all the songs from "one" as we start Touring! We'll be celebrating the New Year at SEACRETS in OCMD on both Friday & Saturday (Dec 30 & 31). On Friday, we'll be playing 10PM-2AM.... But on Saturday, for NEW YEARS... we'll be playing from 8PM-Midnight. As the ball drops... we'll be playing music and then spending the REST of the night partying with all of you! We can't wait.

Christmas was good to my family and I this year. I spent a ton of time with loved ones and ate food I shouldn't have eaten and drank more than I should've drank! So I am already in "post-holiday" mode! I got my GNC Detox... and back to the gym I go! It's time to get back into "Touring Shape" for the crazy year ahead! I spent 6 days in Jamaica and I am SOOO missing the warm weather. Now that Christmas is over, I am already wishing for the summer weather! I can't wait for BBQ's and BeachBalls, and cold beers, and country music!

Thanks, as always, for the amazing love & support! See y'all from stage soon! HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!

one love... jb