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My first musical memory that changed my life!

When I was three years old I saw Cindy Lauper in concert. Something so amazing happened at that concert. It was so awesome that it probably impacted my life forever. One of her most famous songs ever, Girls Just Want to have Fun, was playing and I was dancing on the steps at the huge arena. My mom had told me earlier on that day that it was going to be a great concert because Cindy really connects with her audience. At that time I had no idea what that meant, but I was about to find out. As I said, I was dancing on the steps, just having fun listening to one of my faorite songs. All of the sudden I see Cindy Lauper leaving the stage to "connect" with her audience. Out of nowhere I see her coming up to me, picking me up, and singing the rest of Girls Just Want to have Fun to me in her arms. I was so overjoyed at that moment and never wanted it to end. I mean just think if one of your idols came up to you and sang one of her best songs to you. Amazing, right? I believe that if you have something like that happen to you it will impact your life, no matter how old are. This faint memory has made me realize that I love to sing, and love to be around music. Even though I was really young I knew at that moment that it would be awesome to sing and perform for the rest of my life and that I could never stop. That one concert completely changed my life.