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News! Le Murd's album CAUGHT IN THE ZIP is being issued on 12" brown vinyl ! Out soon on Severity Records.


16 killer-not-filler tracks of Murdy goodness, recorded, engineered and produced by Jeff Lovejoy at Black Box Studios, and mastered by Jason Livermore from Blasting Room in the US of A. OUT NOW ON SEVERITY RECORDS...


Mastering almost completed by Blasting Room in the USA...then we can unleash this beast on you all :_)


we are in the midst of recording our 16 track follow up to Satchel De Merde ... it is diverse, punk and proud and will feature the usual Murd recipe of raucous layered dual guitars, pumping bass and solid thumping drums of Ben Bogswell with the different vocal styles of Leethal Sheiser, Paul Merde and Stav Scata.

Coorparoo RSL

was great to be at the inaugural gig ...may there be many more!!

Queensport Live

There have been two awesome gigs so far at the Queensport Tavern, with a third scheduled for 21/9/12..all star lineup featuring Mouthguard, Plan of Attack, 1.1.1., Midnight Creepers and Le Murd...killer venue, great bands, BBQ, cheap booze, be there!!!

Palace invasion

Great night at the Palace Hotel once again...Redcliffe rocked as the Peninsula was punked by Eat City, Le Murd and Whiskey and Speed with the Tattooed Zombie crew doing well also...roll on 24/8 when Eat City, Le Murd and the Dirty Liars team up to shake the foundations...

No Direction

massive props to South City Sluts, Plan of Attack, and Flangipanis for joining us at Fat Louie's on Sat nite....fuck yeah ROCKED!

Le Murd film clip shoot

Thanks to the Murdheads who showed up and participated in our clip for Vomit To Live...the finished product is very good considering we had nil budget so thanks everyone! Hell yes!

4ZZZ transmitter benefit show

Cheers to those came and rocked with Le Murd(age A Trois) on Saturday night...and the other kickarse bands Dirty Liars, South City Sluts, SuckerPunch and Whiskey and Speed