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First Blog?

well, it has been Jimi Hendrix's Birthday all day. And I'm still ecstatic. Still vibrating from the transmissions put forth many years before my birth. He would have been 70 years old today (techically yesterday by now). I am confident I would have liked him as a person and vice versa. I've met him several times in my dreams. He is a sweet and cogent man, maintaining his precarious place in the middle of the mother current with apparent ease, though, like radiation, you can tell all the vibration takes its tole on a mere mortal. Which is what he was. And what all of us terrestrially manifest are. Hendrix was just like us. Special as hell. An excellent example and inspiration for a human being. He was not a messiah. Perhaps a profit, but represents nothing unattainable. The point of a cat like Jimi is he reminds those heights are reachable, and that we all can climb the bean stalk, walk the rainbow bridge, or however you want to call it. We are all born with the innate spiritual ability to ascend. Thank you forever Jimi. You are a hero to me. Amen.