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My Thoughts + My Heart & Soul + Melody = L / P Music

I am embarking on a musical venture in which I plan to explore different perspectives and ways of expressing music that may at times be difficult to place which genre it belongs to. When you love so many different styles of music, it seems only fitting that your music should be an expression of that love. Thank you for taking an interest in my thoughts,heart & soul ..my music.

Juan Villarreal Jr.
Juan Villarreal Jr.  (almost 6 years ago)

yes i agree..i go through that also.so many genres of music i love and listen to.i want it all to come out.when it does come out, im stuck with where does this belong..i appreciate your your musical exppresions .it in spires me and makes me happy to know you and others are doing what you love to do..thank god for music.thank you for sharing your music loree