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Can't BELIEVE I was featured on a RAP song LOL LOL- check it out- I LOVE it.. NEW REIGN is an INCREDIBLE and ANOINTED artist who is ON FIRE for GOD, and I can't listen to WAKEUP CALL without smiling- give it a listen and let me know what you think!

16 New Songs

I was recently contacted by a casting director for a brand new show set to air this summer on NBC. (she knew be from auditioning for a different show about a year ago). I was asked to send my newest recordings-SO I NEED YOUR HELP! Which 5 songs are my best- should I submit? You can tell me in several ways- by downloading the song (free), sending me a message, or sharing the songs. The songs with the most shares/downloads/plays will most likely be the ones I submit- I am limitted on time, so please hurry and make your choices. I can't do it without you, so thanks in advance for all your help, and enjoy the free downloads! Mad love, Beckah

Wondering Why We Do It

As I sit here doing all this technology stuff they say you gotta do to be a musician these days, and I prepare for another livingroom recording session- God willing, and the darn computer is fixed, I think back to all the times that I wonder why I keep trying so hard to do what some might call "reaching for one in a million," . It's then that I realize it's not me that's doing it- it's what I am. It's doing me. every time life seemed to hard to handle, the one thing (After God) that ALWAYS got me through, was music. Music was Gods gift to me. I don't care about being famous, I don't care about being rich, but what I do care about is using what I have to make it through this world- I want the music I share, and the words I write to touch peoples hearts, reach into their souls, and to make them feel something- make them think. I want to help people. So if I gotta do all this technology stuff, I guess that's ok, but I really suck at it. I love music, and I want to use the gifts God gave me to help myself, and to help others. That's why I do it.

Holiday Shmoliday

Well, the holidays are upon us, and I am sort of a grinch, but there are some exciting things to look forward to, like filming my first music video, and the culmination of the exclusive release album, I have been working on the past few years. So, stay tuned, and have a safe happy holidays yall.

Smells like Summer

I can feel it in the air- triple digits are nearly here. It is going to be a hot summer and I hope to spend as much as possible of it, by the pool, the fire side, out on the lake, and in the mud. This country girl is gearing up for a wild adventure, and hopes to see you at a show some time in between.


I think I need to google some tips on how to be an effective social Networker. I look at my status updates and I think "Jeez- So much has happened since then."

So, updates: I am in the final stages of casting for The Star Next Door (Tentative Title)- A new reality singing competition produced by Ms. Queen Latifah, and airing this summer on the CW.

I have basicly been running around like a madwoman for the past 3 weeks getting videos and pictures together, recording songs, writing new music, and doing interviews for the show.

This past Sunday I attended Pure Heart Fellowship Church in Rowlette as their Special Musical Guest. I will be singing there the next few Sundays and meeting with their elders to discuss the topic music ministry. I feel so truly blessed right now.Since I was knee-high to a pit bull,I wanted to use my music to help other people- Which is why I donate a portion of all my itunes sales to charritable causes. Right now I am rallying for Friends of The Family- A program offering assistance to Battered women and children.

Well I've got a show tonight- and so much more to do, so I gotta run- I'll try to check back in soon.


Saturday night's show at The Mule Barn with Two Door Ford was amazing!

I feel so blessed to have had the love and support of so many of my friends and family there. It was a great venue and Two Door Ford, as usual was totally amazing.

I look forward to booking some more shows in the future, and I will keep eveyone posted.

Did you miss the show? Be sure to check out the video section for the MuleBarn Montage!

Exciting Times

This has been an eventful week! Not only did I get notice from an amazing band that I would be opening their show for them, but I finished two more songs; "Country Girls Are Trouble," and "Dyin' Inside". I can't wait to get into the studio and lay theses down. In the mean time, I am really loving my recent discovery that I could play by ear, and that almost all the best songs in classic country music are in chords that I actually know. ;-D I feel really blessed that God has given me both talent and oppertunity... a passion in life, and something to hold on to when times are rough. I was prayin the other day for someone I know who was staying in a battered womens shelter and getting the help she needed to get on her feet and have a second chance at a happy life. We talked about the kids at the shelter, and the moms too and my heart really went out to them. During my prayers, I felt led to donate 15% of all of my iTunes sales to organizations like these and others who are underfunded and in need during these hard economical times. I am just one person. I encourage all of you to reach out and be active in your community and to give back what you have been so freely blessed with- wether it's financially, your time, with your talents and abilities, donation of used goods, or with your heart, you can make a difference. I will be planning a bennefit show soon featuring myself and other local artists to raise additional funds for community awareness and outreach programs. Check back often for upcoming details! Beckah Cooper

New Music for a New Album

I am very excited about some new opertunities coming up for me to make some music and to perform with some top notch musicians. I am currently working on a single that I plan to release in the next three months... It's a song that I have wanted to record ever since I was a little girl, so I am super stoked... Still needing a bit more inspiration on the song I am currently writing- I'm just not used to writing about happy things. Sad and funny- I can do, but this whole happy thing is a brand new experience for me. Well, back to the grind. P.S. I want to thank everyone for all of their support! for those of you who have been pushing me for all these years, look out, cause this rock is ready to roll.

New Song Upload

Had a blast singing at the American Legion Post 88 last night. Please enjoy the newest song addition Yodelin' Blues, recorded while singing live.