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What an incredible honor to be nominated amongst so many artists that I have learned SO much from over the years. I went to the BMA's last year and as I sat there I was like, "How cool would it be if..." Well, I guess I will tell you how cool it is to be nominated and sitting there May 9th! It's going to be an incredible weekend!!!! Online voting is now open and you can also buy your tickets to the show now! Please visit http://www.blues.org to read all about the amazing artists that have been nominated and it what categories. Thank you all so much. MB

Wanna Feel Somethin' NOW on the jukebox!

I finally figured out how to convert the track files to mp3's. So stop by and stream the acclaimed album that is up for Best New Artist Debut Recording in the 2012 Blues Blast Awards!


It is with a borderline painful smile plastered on my face that I bring this news....

"Wanna Feel Somethin'" has been nominated in the Best New Artist Debut Album category! All of the musicians on the CD did an incredible job. Put their everything into the recording and you can REALLY tell. I am eternally grateful that the stars aligned just right when these exceptional musicians and I fused together to crank out such a quality recording! Of course, hats off to Brendan McReynolds our engineer at West End Studios in Kansas City for guiding us along and taking the record to the next level. Finally, thanks to Joe Gastwirt and his MIDAS TOUCH on the mastering. Incredible!

I am also up for the SEAN COSTELLO RISING STAR AWARD!!!!!!!!! SO flattered and thrilled!!


Voting starts July 1st!

Debut album, Wanna Feel Somethin' available now!

Hello all! WOW. Today, I received my third email from CD Baby for a restock request! They can't kee the new albm on the shelves! So, I have replenished their supply. Visit http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/marybridgetdaviesgroup to purchase YOUR physical copy, TODAY! The album is also available for download at iTunes and Amazon.com . We are getting GREAT reviews and tons of airplay, get you copy and support live music!!

The debut CD is ALMOST here!!!!

Hello everyone! Just a note to inform you that the debut album is finished, mastered and being mass produced as I type!! This is beyond exciting! Recorded at WestEnd Studios in Kansas City, KS with engineer Brendan McReynolds and mastered by veteran award winning mastering engineer, Joe Gastwirt, we are slated to be ROCKIN' 2012 promoting the new disc! We have had a highly successful festival season this summer and are hunkering down for the big push. The calm before the storm. :) I also just created a youtube channel so you can find all things MbdG in one place instead of searching around for clips! http://www.youtube.com/user/MaryBridgetDavies I will continue updating that as much as possible! In holiday news, I will be spending a lot of time back in Cleveland visiting family and friends so I figured why not host some jams and do a few gigs with Cleveland's finest? Parkview Jam night November 30, Brother's Lounge Jam Night December 22 and a Parkview gig December 23 with some of my favorite Cleveland musicians: Ben Nieves, Chris Hanna, Jim Wall... the list goes on! Though MbdG isn't competing in the International Blues Challenge this year (I figured since we won 2nd place overall out of 110 bands from all over the world last year we could sit this one out) we are trying to secure a few gigs down in Memphis during the challenge to hang out, gig, have a ball and cheer everyone on! Once I have those in place I will post the new dates! Thanks to all of you again for your love and support! Mary Bridget

Winter Park, CO Blues from the Top Festival

What a weekend! Started off with a BANG! MB sat in with Nick Moss and the Flip Tops, wow! Great way to kick off the weekend! He and his wife, Kate, have an amazing 7 year old daughter Sadie Mae who got up and sang?! AMAZING! She even wrote the tune she sang. When I was seven I was catching lightening bugs in a jar :) So cool! Same night our band did a club date at Ullr's. Our family has a couple new members... Chris Hazelton on keys/Hammond/mind-control :) and Pete Carroll on trumpet! ( We are borrowing him from Al Green but hopefully he falls in love with us and stays!) Our set Saturday afternoon on the mainstage felt so comfortable. Like we have been playing together, on a daily basis, for years! After us was Girls with Guitars! KC native Samantha Fish with Britain's Dani Wilde and daughter of legendary bluesman, Cassie Taylor. WOW! John Nemeth's Soul Review followed in stellar fashion. THEN, it was Nick Moss and the Flip Tops. Nick's brother Joe came up and played and sent a lot of love to their parents who were at the festival... so cool! Saturday night jam was EPIC! Samantha Fish on guitar with me on vox, Kate Moss on bass, Chris Hazelton on keys and Patrick Seals on drums. JUST... incredible. Nick and Co. were bringing it all night before we were lucky enough to jam together but yeah, wow is all I can say! Sunday... I got to witness Jimmy Hall. PERIOD! Albert Cummings was spectacular as were the rest of the Sunday line up but Jimmy Hall (Wet Willie) is STRAIGHT from my youth and helped me connect the feeling of soul from my heart and ears to my mouth. Incredible. Called my Mother during "Keep on Smiling" and I was crying tears of joy. That I could be watching that band live... wow. By the time the festival was over Sunday it was only 7:30pm... I was in bed by 9:00pm. So drained and reeling from the great experience! Til next time, XOXOXO MB

MbdG goes into the studio to record their first album!!!

Yes folks, it's TRUE! Mary and the guys are going into the studio next week to begin recording for their debut album! It will of course be the trusty, rockin' blues trio with Mary at the vocal helm, but we have some guest artists, too! Keep you posted!

SECOND PLACE WINNERS of the 2011 International Blues Challenge (pt 3)

Other musicians from different venues showed up to jam and we didn't stop until almost 3:00am! At around 2:30am, one of the Blues Foundation figureheads came in to give us the news about which bands were advancing. I was scurrrrrrr'd. Everyone was so great! I mean, I felt confident but still... you never know! WE MADE IT!!!! So we were to be at the semifinals the next night. At The Superior! That was Trampled Under Foot's Semifinal venue before they went to the finals and WON in 2008 so it felt like a GREAT omen! We get there and the musicianship stepped up tenfold. Dave Shelley and BluesTone from South Florida played right before us and I was like, uh oh! :) AMAZING! They had a giant crew and an amazing set! I have to tell you that being from Cleveland and seeing the sea of Cleveland faces with the Kansas City Blues Society Crew made me quite emotional! I was like, WOW! This isn't about us, it's about all of them. Everyone that ever believed in this young but mighty band... WOW. Besides THAT... The Trampled Underfoot Brothers, Nick and Kris showed up and so did Leveetown! My ex-husband was there, too! He played organ for my friend Patrick McLaughlin and even though they didn't advance, they were there to cheer us on. That was more important to me than they will ever know. Seriously! So we did our set and we were received SO WELL!!!! I turned to the band and was like, we did our best so now... let's get a beer! A jam ensued at The Superior! Our KCBS President Joe Sherrick on bass, Brandon and Jan and Jimmy from LeveeTown, Tiffany Marie from Springfield, MO and a bunch of other musicians from the Challenge were jamming! Then Adam Constantine, my ex on keys, his friend Pete Simon on guitar, Bruce got up on harp too! FINALLY. We got the word. MARY BRIDGET DAVIES GROUP is going to the FINALS!!!!! I cried. It was joy. It was pride. It was relief and it was sadness that my parents couldn't be there. We celebrated for maybe another half hour and then I was like "I've gotta get some sleep!" Since the finals started at 2:00pm SO I slept like crap, lol! Nerves! I had a dress for the finals, but didn't think it was good enough so I woke up way early and went to a department store and found exactly what I needed. We got to The Orpheum and started watching the bands. EVERYONE was top notch. We were last! Lionel Young Band played right before us and WOW. I can see how he won the solo/duo category a few years before. He is amazing and brought with him a stellar band! We got up, did our thing and I felt very proud that we had even made it to the finals... So when they announced that second place goes to the KANSAS CITY BLUES SOCIETY?! I was so proud of us! I was totally choked up, lol. But I thanked the ones that made this happen. Our band, Kansas City Blues Society, my parents and CLEVELAND OHIO!!!!!!!!!!!!

SECOND PLACE WINNERS of the 2011 International Blues Challenge! (pt. 2)

You'd think showing up at 11:45am that we would be in a short line and on our way? Nuh uh! Blues musicians as far as the eye could see! We joked that it was the biggest mass of musicians in a club before noon. :) So the line moved fast. We registered and found out our venue and realized we were last at The Blues City Cafe that night... So we went to Gus's for chicken. I now know why it is world famous, STELLAR! There was a band orientation and I was beginning to feel the importance of our presence there and... started freakin' out! SO the guys went down before me, lol. I was in the hotel room, sad because the storm kept my parents from getting down to Memphis but knowing I needed to bring it extra hard in their absence. I get to the club and the bands are ROCKIN'! Inducing more omgomgomg feelings for me but we hit the stage, did our all original set and the people dug us!!!!! After we were done, one of the competing bands was comissioned to jump up and play again after the competition. Matt asked me to sit in on "I'd Rather Go Blind"... so I said why not? I don't perform the tune, but love it so much so I jumped up and jammed. Back to the room. We had to play second on Thursday. 5:30pm I forgot to mention that the talent buyer for Blues City Cafe, Ashley(who is a DOLL)asked if after the competition Thursday night we would gig and keep the party going! What an honor. She is so cute, she showed me a text she sent to her boss after we finished our set and it said "We need to get her and her band in here immediately, She is going to be a legend!" Hand to God. Ask her :) @AshleyEwing We were prepared to play for a relatively empty room due to the time slot but it was crazy. People started showing up! Stayed for our set, rocked out and left! I was like whaaaaaaaat? The word was on Beale that we were a band to watch. WOW. So I hung out and watched all of the bands at our venue and when it was all said and done... the amazing rockin' done by every band, we started to play. Before we hit, I asked Ashley if we could turn it into a jam. She was like, ummm yes please! Most of the bands at Blues City Cafe stuck around after competing so it was ON! Bryan Michael Fischer is an incredible vocalist! All night most of my friends were like "He's your competition" and I was like "Tell me something I don't know!" AMAZING!

We are the SECOND PLACE WINNERS of the 2011 International Blues Challenge!

CRAZY!!!!! So many things, so many things to SAY! First, the horrible impending storm that hit the Midwest got us out on the road to Memphis a day early and WOW. Good thing! I-70 was CLOSED from KCMO to St. Louis 6 hours after we left. We got to Memphis around 4:30am and got right into our rooms that we weren't supposed to be able to check into until 3pm the following afternoon. JOY! We slept... a bit, but the excitement and opportunities that Beale Street had to offer left us restless! Got situated and we were pleasantly surprised that even though the competition didn't start until the following day, most of the other musicians had the same idea to get to Memphis early! So we met up with my dear friend and KILLER musician, Patrick McLaughlin at Alfred's. Funny piece of trivia: First time I went to the IBC I watched Patrick and his band take it all the way to the finals in 2004 and their first venue? ALFRED'S! So it was a very awesome cosmic way to start the week! When we got there, the house acoustic duo let Patrick and his bass playin' sweetie fiance get up and do a few tunes. Gotta love that. It reinforced the ideal that great musicians are always willing to engage and support their kind. :) After they finished their set we heard of the jam happening at Rum Boogie Cafe... so we HAD to go! Once we got there, we signed up and saw so many familiar faces! Kenny Hines and Scott Moyer and Bruce from KCMO. It took awhile until it was my turn to jam but I was alright with it! Sitting there, absorbing the amazing vibe. Since the competition didn't start until the next day, everyone was still in "share/love" mode. I LOVE share/love mode, lol. SO I got to jump up and jam for a few tunes. FUN! A few of my Cleveland friends like Dee Dee heard me singing on the loudspeaker outside and came in! We got back to the rooms for some shuteye since we had to register starting at noon. Well...