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I Think It's About Time... REVIEW!!

I Think It's About Time... REVIEW!! Category: Music

I Think It’s About Time…: The Hand-Me-Downs The Hand-Me-Downs are a punk rock band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. This could be said of several bands, as Detroit has always been a hotbed for good music; however, The Hand-Me-Downs stands out for a few different reasons: 1) They are only describable as punk, because they cover every subgenre within the name of punk. 2) The band has a lot of technical skills. They could play speed metal in the vein of Judas Priest if they really wanted to. 3) Not many punk bands can make a song keep its energy for more than three minutes, and these guys most certainly do that. Now to get on with the review… The album covers, like I said of the band, most subgenres of punk, i.e. hardcore, ’77 era, Oi!, etc. The songs are very sing-along-y, and the band incorporated this pub rock tool into hardcore songs, a la “Marked Man”, which is track four, and my personal favorite off the album. There are hometown shout-outs on the album, such as “St. Antoine,” a street in Detroit. With a blend of both positive and negative energy, the CD isn’t just for straight-edgers who prefer positive vibes; it is also for those who would prefer to take a negative approach. It’s for anyone who likes to partake in slam-dancing (colloquially known as moshing), skanking (there are a few upstrokes for those who prefer ska), and whatever dancing one likes to do. All around, in a world where we are all unsure of what CDs to buy because of the economic crunch and we don’t want to burn money on a bad CD, this CD is a safe bet at $10. It is a full-length, and it is worth every penny. Breakdown: The vocals are good. The singing is clear, and there is no growling, just the angry, clear yells of the lead singer. The guitars are great, there is even some lead guitar (a high emphasis on some, because too many solos means greater annoyance), and the rhythm guitar grinds along like it should. The bass grooves along to the beat like a ’64 Impala blaring rap (usually even faster than that), and the drums are a standard hardcore affair, which means that they are good as always. Ultimately, the album gets a four out of a five rating from me, and it is definitely worth the $10 it costs to buy the album, and it is even more worth it to check these guys out live, as they are even better there. Song list: 1. Calm Down 2. My Mind 3. Cass 4. Marked Man 5. Skate Detroit 6. Where You At 7. 25 Hour Store 8. St. Antoine 9. The Corner 10. 1929 11. One More 12. Don’t Wait Up -Aunty Social