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New Album Out

Hello all,

After a years worth of work my new album is out, Im super stoked for you to hear it! Check out my debut music video as well, on my page. If you'd like to support and buy the album you can find it at www.jeffpiattelli.bandcamp.com or iTunes.

Much love

Late Night Jams (new idea)

I am gonna start a video series where I ask what song you guys want to hear me play and then every night I will shoot a little video and dedicate it to whoever picked the song! What're your thoughts? start thinking of what you want to hear :) will kick it off within the next few days



From now on all my music if free to download on reverb nation. I will also be releasing video's every week so if there is something you would like to see/hear then please message me :)

Free Music Giveaways!

Hey everyone, just want to remind you to check up on the website when you can, as I will be giving away different free song downloads all the time! Right now get "Buckle Up" FREE. If there is a song you would like to download feel free to leave a message and it just might sway my music choice in your favor :)

Till next time!

Interview with Shaw TV February 20th!

Hey everyone! Just wanted to remind you that I'm heading to Shaw TV tonight to do an interview and perform a couple songs! It should be a cool experience and I hope you will all be able to see it! I will let everyone know once I know when it airs on TV :)