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Too Fast To Be Fastened In...

So much news, so little time. It's been a whirlwind on the Trip Effect front for the last couple weeks with amazing happenings landing in our lap every couple of weeks. We are getting in bed with the man, hahaha. We just signed up with iWorld Entertainment just so we can sell out ; P and make lots of money of course. We're also going to officially be doing a single release in May! I know what you're thinking, and no we will not be hurting or maiming any animals in the making of our single. But, we will probably use it as a promo tool and give out a couple copies to our fans, who by the way, have been the ones that have really made all of our numerous accolades possible. Trip Effect just got another radio play on Butterflies Radio which is exciting. So, speaking of shoes, we were at The Rave bar playing on Friday (what a fuckin' awesome night) and you won't believe what happened!!! Well, for starters, Trip Effect rocked out with their cocks out (not to be taken literally). However, our video is being postponed for lack of audio! I know, how disappointing is that. We have an alternative date we could get some video done, thank God. And to think, I used to think everything happens for a reason. Well, perhaps everything does happen for a reason. None the less, we will be doing a new video here in the not-too-distant future when we play with Whiskey Train at Kryptonite (State St. Rockford, IL). We are going to need some serious support for that show, especially if we are to be doing video that day... But, anywho, we are pleased to say that everything is going smooth. We can always use a hand getting into summer festivals and hopefully there will be plenty of those we can make it to this summer (with your help that is). We need all of our friends and fans to continue emailing, posting on walls and just generally harassing the promoters/booking agents until they give us the slot, hahaha. Just kidding (but seriously, keep emailing 4fun@onthewaterfront.com & music@forecastlefest.com). Well, this blog entry is all over the place but I just wanted to take a few minutes to update everyone in detail with what's been going on. So, before I forget, we now have a major national act on our resume under bands we've opened for, which is exciting. We've now opened for 4+ national acts and that's saying something, considering we've only been gigging since October. We must be doing something right. Lastly, I want to pose a question to anyone reading this. Is it narcissistic to listen (maybe twice a week) to one's own CD/music? Basically, I just realized the other day that I'm Trip Effect's own biggest fan. I figure there's nothing wrong with it since I wasn't the one who wrote the vast majority of the music (that would be Derek) and what's happening in the songs is magical. But, I was told that it's just not right to listen to one's own band, hahaha. So, feel free to let me know what you think. Hey, at least I'm not the only one at the show who can sing a long to some of the songs now. I caught a couple people singing along with The Rain, Past The Edge and Dead Man Walking. We even had 4 or 5 people dancing in front of the stage at Bar3, during our jam. Well, this is Aaron Lynde, just checking in, updating and signing out. I hope to see your face at a show sometime soon. We have a ton of brand new material coming to your wonderful ears very soon. I (Aaron) have two written and two coming very soon. Not to mention the 3 or 4 Derek is getting ready to bring to practice! You aren't going to want to miss what's to come, it's some very cool material. Talk to you guys very soon. plur, - Aaron L. & the rest of the guys from Trip Effect

New Year's Resolutions...

Trip Effect's new year's resolutions: 1. Get 500+ total fans through social media 2. play 100+ gigs 3. Share our music with a ton new people 4. connect with our fans and take suggestions from them to get Trip Effect off the ground (cause you guys are the ones that will make this happen). So, please, give us some ideas on how to get more fans or share more music, post the link to our wall on your FB page, share our music, and just all around show support, cause we need all the help we can get. In return, we'll work our asses off the get our music all the way into your hands. : ) peace, love, unity, respect... Trip Effect.

Radio Play!

It was so surreal to hear our music on an indie radio station the other night and we already have another radio station that offered us some air time. Now that the ball is rolling, it seems like it is picking up speed. Thank God for the fans or we wouldn't even be this far. Who would have thought, for example, we would have over 600 song plays already in such a short amount of time! I for one, not to speak for my band mates, did not see it coming. People are really responding to this unique sound we have put out. I mean 600 plays may not be a whole lot, but considering we only have a 4 song EP out (titled: Second Life... Check it out on www.facebook.com/TripEffect K, Thanks. lol) and its only been posted online for maybe two months. Bottom line is, thank you. Thank you, to all the people that have listened and then listened again. You guys really truly are the reason we are putting ourselves out there. Now we need to get our music reviewed by a third party, really put our sound to the test. Until next time...


- Trip Effect

Trip Effect

On behalf of the members of Trip Effect, thanks for listening to our music and for being a music fan. Nothing makes us happier than people enjoying music, especially when it's ours. Thanks for listening, PLUR.