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My journey

So i'm learning that i am the only one who can do anything about my problems. I am always realizing how free I really am! I fell in love a few times but never made a child and i can say i am happy as hell for it! As my journey continues i would like to give all musicians a real word of advice. ALWAYS LISTEN TO YOURSELF! Take care!


You always get what you don't want.. and everything you want.. the good always comes with the bad.. the bad always turns from the good.. you live just to die and feel like your dying just to live.. you fly and you fall at the same height.. can you feel it when it rains and see the sunshine at the same moment.. do you always win the lottery whenever you put in your number.. have you ever felt different from everything around you?.. is it just you or is it the circumstances?...... That is the question you must answer from within,,,


They r were you sleep.. when your awake.. and when you die! they will still be there!!