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02 academy

Well we just played the 02 academy this saturday and it was awsome, Thank you to all the people who came out there were many more than first expected. We are now set to play the ballroom on the 10th of december and will have a couple of new songs to our set hope to see you there :)

First Gig!

We performed our first gig on the 4th september 2011 at the Road House in Birmingham and it was amazing! We have many more gigs lined up at the 02 academy, the flapper etc. We cannot wait to get going and we hope you will come along to support us :D


This is Scarlet Creeks first blog entry, were not sure really what were doing at the moment because were new to everything on here. If you like our music please become a fan and we can keep you updated with all our latest material. We will also keep you updated on what dates our live gigs are. Thanks ;)