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Cheap motels are sometimes really scary...

We check into roach motel after the show. Bugs. One big bed and the 'porno' switch on the wood-panel wall behind the TV. The switch made the TV show Home Shopping Network or bad PORN!! Like a light switch for your pathetic pleasures. About 7 of us in the room. Couldn't believe it. We were all in a state of amusement/shock. The neighborhood was rough, and the place was full of people, though there were not more than 6 or 7 other cars in the whole place. The rooftops were covered in tarp (maybe from the windstorms earlier this year), and the clerk didn't leave us a key.

Tune in next time for the next edition (and hopefully the conclusion) of: Don't fuck with this.

- Psycho D

Mass props, by B

I gotta say, after watching the Pick of Destiny a couple of weeks ago, that "the D" are geniuses and Dave Grohl is officially the best Satan I've ever seen, even better than the one in the movie "legend". Serious, extremely huge props go out from me to Grohl for trashing drumkits and playing with such an influential band as Nirvana, then after a few years, getting out from behind the kit and starting a career of his own. I have always looked up to Phil Collins for that very thing. I love to sing and write tunes myself, but Dave also sits in with random comedians/musicians, and generally looks like he's having a fucking blast. Noctaluca played "Beelzeboss" at our show last month at Adis' . I was Satan, Psycho D was Jables, and Ludwig was Kage. We never do cover tunes so it was a lot of fun. I decided right then that I want to model my career after Dr. Grohl. Wouldn't mind if there was some humor in it either. I am speaking way down the road of course, and Noctaluca has a shitload of unwritten material and many years of appealing to people that cant stand nickelback. Ya know, a few of our fans actually do like Nickelback, and I cheer their diversity, but they are always quick to tell me "just a couple of their songs though", which is essentially all they have, so I can understand.

Love, Brandon


Mainstream... I really don’t like that word. It has always let me down. Just think of how long it takes to get the word out about anything. Ideas. How long it takes to build a solid following for a kick ass band. Forever. . How long it takes people to catch on. It seems as if the very term mainstream doesnt represent "popular opinion" so much as "outdated". The most popular music is always WAY overdone for FAR too long, and I cant stand a majority of it. Every single issue I can think of, global warming, internet, government, football, etc. is all outdated, and I know for a fact that tons of people agree, but mainsteam has control. Mainstream will always make me wonder why something is still valid in society. How long have we know how horrible snacks with massive amounts of sugar and salt, or a beverage that has ruined organs and has proven that it can disintegrate raw steaks overnight and cinderblocks in a matter of days. Finally vitamin water, organic food, and all sorts of similarities are showing up at gas stations. Gas, that shits outdated too. Dont beleive me? Just go to you tube or google and you can find video of a guy who was trying to cure cancer with frequencies, and accidentally figured out how to burn saltwater very hot. Then theres the hydrogen powered car, runs on WATER!!. WTF? Its an old video too. True free energy. Yet the "mainstream" is just now figuring out that they "uh, need to start thinking about what to do". Really? I’ll tell ya whats going to happen. Noctaluca’s going to bring it live and collectively and/or individually make positive change. When we’re doing well enough I can really sit back and come up with something to acheive major positive impact. Cant you feel it, the unbalanced energy? I have no certain religious practices but I give out sincere thoughts and blessings very often. I wish everyone the wisdom and insight to think for themselves. Especially when dealing with the mainstream.

B the drummer

the sadness will last forever

"The sadness will last forever." Those were reportedly Vincent Van Gogh's last words to his brother before dying from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest, which he administered to himself two days prior. He died a relatively broke and heartbroken man. Penniless and powerless. Now he is considered the pioneer of an entire style of painting, Expressionism, and the value of his total body of work exceeds a billion dollars. Tough break, Vincent. No artist wants to live their life like Gogh... broke, unknown, relatively dismissed from the popular psyche. They want general notoriety, if not fame, and they want a paycheck for their blood and their tears, and they want these things WITHIN their lifetime. Even if an artist dismisses outright his desire for the reward, inside he still wants proof that he deserved it. That's where we stand. So many of you have written us, talked to us after a show, asking us the same thing: "Why haven't you been signed yet?!" Frankly, we're not sure, but we think it's because we're trying something new, which always scares the average A&R rep. They mostly say the same thing when they hear us..."I love it...but I just don't know what to do with it...how to package it." It makes sense. They want a reliable product with a predictable outcome, because delivering some rogue artist whose commercial viability has been untested, is unknown, could mean their ass. Meanwhile we remain penniless, but inspired. Personally, we just want the recognition that what we're creating is worth at the very least a significant footnote in the Grand Conclusive Book on Music History (volumes one through six hundred). And we'd like to know this before we shoot ourselves in the chest, or solicit a bite from a rabid dog, or fall quietly from a dark cliff, thank you very much. -Jason