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It seems amazing our band page has now passed 5000 views and rounding 2700 song plays!!! Thanks to all of you!!! Much Love

Utica Music and Arts Fest

The Fest is here!!! We are playing two shows Thursday, 10:30 at the Radisson and 12:15 at Shots!!! See you there!!!!

Utica Music and Arts Festival

We've been selected to play at the festival in September....Can't Wait!!!!!!!!


We have now played two shows with Adrian and he is better then we could've hoped for!!!

New Sax Player

We have added a new member to the band. George plays both Alto and Tenor Sax and will also be contributing to the background vocals.


We had a great time at the show the other night and it was all because of the great crowd we had....thanks and hope to see you again next time!!!!