I Promise You!

Dear Independent Artist Network Communities, In my training and experience as an A&R I have learned many valuable things when it comes to what to look for in that special someone. And although all elements are acknowledged it is the priority of these elements that sabotages an overwhelming percentage of true talent from being discovered. "Many people say that "Image is everything !!!", but is it really? What about TALENT?, What about Character?". From what I've seen , IMAGE is considered first over Character and Talent. And I say that to say this, I am making a vow to the Independent Artist Communities that I will never choose image over talent and talent over character". We do this for the LOVE and we really want to thank you all for your continued support. Much Love, Ladi Scar

Accepting Artist Reviews 3/17/13 through 4/7/13

Dear Fans, I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support and if you know any artist that would like to be reviewed for a submission to Major Label Scout please advise them to first like the Ladi Scar Facebook Fan Page and then it is required that he or she create a music page at LadiScarProductions.Com. Once the registration has been complete I will receive and email to review any music, videos, or messages that have been uploaded. Thank You and Much Love, Ladi Scar

Final Artist Submission for 2012

Atlantic Records is looking for a young, female pop artist, with very distinct vocals, think somewhere in the target of Katy Perry and Pink. Submission Requirements are as follows: a young (age 16-24), female pop singer, with an edgy, yet “commercial coated” look. If your interested please email ladiscarproductions@gmail.com or call 865-275-5234

Ladi Scar Website Giveaway!

WEBSITE GIVE AWAY! Music Website Giveaway! Follow http://www.world-digital-media.com/ladiscargiveaway/website-giveaway.shtml and enter. You can also like the contest on the giveaway sign up page. All increase your chances of winning. Winner will be announced November 23rd.

Did You Know?

MajorLabelScout has either directly or through its founder is currently working with or has worked with Warner Brothers Records, Epic, Interscope, Island, Mecury, RCA, EMI Music Publishing , Sony and Atlantic Records to name a few.

Artist Review Updates

Artist Reviews for this cycle are currently being reviewed, and for everyone artist I submit, I have to review 10, and just to give you an idea of your competition...please visit: http://ericsosa.com/ and http://www.youtube.com/user/kingstar6g?feature=CBQQwRs%3D....these are two of the best Artist of the 10 Reviews I completed. Please keep in mind that the decision is based on over all presentation.

Artist Reviews will be completed by 10/12/12!

Heads Up!..Artist Reviews are currently being reviewed and reviews will be completed by 10/12/12. Although I already have the next artist that will be submitted please continue to build your fan base because the next one could be you. If anyone has any questions regarding your profile being reviewed please email me @ ladiscarproductions@gmail.com

Want Your Music on Itunes? Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Here’s what you’ll need to get started: 1.)Music you made and/or have the right to distribute 2).Your music in high quality digital format (.wav) 3).Cover art in a digital file format (.jpg, .png, or .gif, 1600x1600 pixels) 4).If you don’t have cover art, we can generate it for you (yay!) 5).A valid credit card or Paypal account

Key Points to Remember with Artist Submissions

Have professionally produced demos or master recordings of original music. No covers may be submitted. Be willing and available to be signed to a major label recording contract, publishing agreement and/or management/production deal, Have hit songs,Reflect a youthful appearance and image,Have star potential,Have a website or appropriate social media pages.

Ladi Scar is now an A&R for MajorLabelScout.com!

I'm excited to announce that I have accepted an A&R position with MajorLabelScout.com, a talent-scouting network that manages artists and also works closely with Atlantic Records to identify talent. If you would like your profile to be reviewed please email me at ladiscarproductions@gmail.com. Before you submit these are some key things you MUST already have in place: 1)Have professionally produced demos or master recordings of original music. 2)No covers may be submitted. 3)Be willing and available to be signed to a major label recording contract,publishing agreement and/or management/production deal. 4) Have hit songs. 5)Reflect a youthful appearance and image. 6)Have star potential. 7) Have a website or appropriate social media pages. Each Artist SHOULD have the following: 1) currently selling an album or EP, whether digital or physical. 2) Have been performing publicly for one year or more. 3) Have created at least a small buzz. 4) Have a strong online presence, including Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube 5) Have acquired a live fan base (with provable ticket sales).