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Off Stage View

The next act was David Costa. I had heard of him earlier this year and was really excited to see him. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing. David Costa is a singular hip hop performer but has gone under several pseudonyms for his act/band (David Costa Is Dead, David Costa Lives, and The Starving Artist). For this show, he was billed as David Costa featuring Chris Figgy. From when I previously saw clips of him performing online, he had a back-up band but that wasn’t the case for this show. It was just David Costa and Chris Figgy (another MC who has produced and performed with David Costa for a while) with pre-recorded beats behind them. They came on stage with so much energy and they entranced the audience that had gathered at the beat kitchen. I don’t listen to a ton of hip-hop, but man this was a great performance. They crisscrossed back and forth on the stage and traded rhymes back and forth. Their personal and politically charged lyrics burst forth and got a lot of head nodding. The song that especially stood out was “War & Rumors of War”. This song probably had the most politically charged lyrics that deal with issues in what we can now call the Occupy Movement. The funny thing is this song is at least a few years old, so it is kind of a prophetic song of this movement that came to a head this year. They performed for what seemed like a really short half hour and left everyone in a great mode. I would recommend seeing David Costa (and his counterpart Chris Figgy) as soon as you can. Chris Figgy (with help from David Costa) is coming out with a new mix tape titled Ready To Live and you can listen to a few songs from it if you follow Ready to Live, David Costa, or Chris Figgy on Facebook.

Villain Radio

One of the best albums of last year was The Starving Artist by David Costa and his band David Costa Lives, and now David’s main producer, Chris Figgy is about to release his full length project, Ready To Live. And I’m the first site to officially release the first single to the masses.Chris Figgy, or just Figgy as us who know him call him is one of the best producers ion the NWI area as you know if you’ve heard any of The Starving Artist. It’s hard to describe his sound as he transcends all boundaries as he sits at a computer and orchestrates his sonic masterpieces. He’s what I would call an all in one producer. If you want it he can make it.

With his Ready To Live project, he’s not just crafting a bunch of instrumentals for other artists to spit on, he’s also rapping himself, and he’s not bad at it either.

The song I’m posting is called “Floating” and features his David Costa Lives band mate, the beast of an MC himself, David Costa, and Justin Franzen. I guess it could be categorized as a hip hop love song of sorts, but whatever you wanna call it, I like it, and you should too.

Chiill Avenue Blog Spot

On October 23rd, I took my partners (actually i didn't drive) but i took my partners to see a show an hour away from the city at a venue called The Warehouse in Valparaiso, IN to see a show. The headliners to this show just so happen to be David Costa and Chris Figgy. I have been hearing about these two for months!!! MONTHS!!! Now I have been to many shows and have seen many great artist and performers even before they "made it big". There's no way in the world that David Costa and Chris Figgy wont be global names very very very soon! I can't even describe to you how great the show was, and i don't just mean David Costa and Chris Figgy, I mean these two put on a 6 hour show with opening acts, closing acts, intermission live DJ sets (and all the acts were good)... I can go on and on but it was ALL good entertainment and the performance by David Costa and Chris Figgy was so OFF THE CHAIN! AND I can't forget to tell you about Stevie Mac. Stevie Mac was like the honey that you smear on the blunt while rolling it. It makes it last longer and is so much sweeter. LMAO! Dead serious! GOOGLE THEM, FRIEND THEM, FOLLOW THEM ON TWITTER, BUT WHAT EVER YOU DO MAKE IT TO THE NEXT SHOW!!! MAKE THE NEXT SHOW!!!