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I. When passion is placed before principle, even in victory we lose. -I am very passionate. Like many people I can get wrapped up in a moment and forget the larger picture. As a Biblical Christian and a Constitutional Conservative I have to admit that my passions can only be expressed because of the principles that came before me. Without Christ holding to his principles of government my passions as a Christian would be impossible to defend. Without the principles of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence I would never be able to voice my passion for this country. So if my passions contradict one of these principles then eventually they would destroy my very ability to voice them. In that case I have to reevaluate my passions.

II. We are not here to command others, but rather to explain our submissions. -When I was younger I realized that too often I was telling people why they should think the way I do. I finally realized the only thing I can offer with any real authority is why I do what I do, and learn the same from others.

III. The defense of position must never hinder the pursuit of truth. -I used to think one day you wake up and feel like an adult. My mother told me so far that has never happened for her. I finally realized we just get better at surviving as we gain more knowledge and experience (sometimes too slowly). So to that end, there is a greater benefit to me in searching for truth. Forming an opinion then finding facts to support it will only delay my progression.

IV. The universe is so big, and we are so very small, there is only one thing we can truly control, whether we are good or evil. -The more we learn about the vastness of space, the unfathomable power of different celestial bodies, even the mysteries in our own solar system the easier it is to feel powerless. While I do believe prayer offers us an equalizer, the world we live in can become overwhelming quickly. In these moments when I'm being pulled in 17 different directions I come back to the only real choice I have in life: whether to be good or evil.

2017 Plan

Hey everyone, The plan this spring is to set up the recording studio again and release a new free project this fall. I'll be posting rough-cut tracks over the next couple of months, feedback is always welcome.

God is Good All the Time

Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

Someone asked me the other day why bad things happen to good people. From a theological perspective, this is my answer:

The most fundamental point to understand when discussing the enmity between God and Satan is what spawned their conflict. This conflict is known as The Great Controversy.

The debate that set Heaven on its head was the same that pulls at America, what is the best way to govern. God was running Heaven in the way He saw fit. In His system Lucifer did not have certain powers, and was not privy to all councils held by God.

This became hard for Lucifer to deal with because, in his own right, he was amazing: superior to almost every living creature in the universe. Pride had an easy time setting in and eventually Lucifer began to campaign among the other beings. His goal was to build an alternative government that would be able to replace the rule that God had established.

Because nothing like this had ever happened, the heavenly beings had no frame of reference to compare this situation with. They had not in the past been lied to, and they respected Lucifer greatly. So as he began to speak of different things they listened.

After gathering enough support he rebelled against God. And while God did not permit Lucifer’s rebellion to live in heaven, he did not squash it out completely either. This was very important in showing the contrast in character between God and Lucifer. It was important that all creatures be able to see the folly in Lucifer’s pride, and in turn have a better understanding that God’s government was set up for all life to co-exist in harmony. Lucifer’s was set up to advance his own dominion over other creatures.

That history is important because it’s the very reason Human’s are caught in this world. We are living through the “closing arguments” of this great debate. Satan was permitted to wreak havoc on our planet because if God had snuffed him out immediately, life would worship Him out of fear, not love and trust.

So, for a period the rain will fall on the good and the bad. In Egypt when the plagues started, several of the first plagues fell on the Hebrew’s and Egyptians. Then toward the end special protection fell on the Hebrew’s and segregated them from the damage.

In the same token, once this debate runs it’s course, once there is no further question who’s system of governing is right, then God can finish off Satan for good. Then moving on all creatures will have seen the effects of lies and greed. And we will all know without any doubt that God has our best interest at heart.

Though this trail seems most unfair, and is to an extent, the outcome will be a benefit reaching much farther than we can imagine now. We are told in scripture that the angels have never experienced redemption. That experience will be unique to us, yet all will witness it outside of our planet and learn from our example. The Angels will even fold their wings and listen when we speak of the wonder of salvation.

Although this doesn’t lessen the blow of sin in our lives, it does provide a big picture for our current situation. And in the end, God sent His Son to experience the same rain as we do today, (an act which Satan has never shown himself capable of) because of how important this great controversy is.

Jennifer Lauletta
Jennifer Lauletta  (over 5 years ago)

Well said, my son.

Hey Everyone

First blog post, don't really know if there will be a second. Just wanted to say hi to everyone and hope the day's are going well for ya. Be sure and check out Prophocey, you can get to his page from mine. He's recording fresh stuff all the time and is worth a listen.

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