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What's New!?!? (2.11.15)

Just thought I would post these two links to my website which have some recent news that I am super excited about! I may end up changing my blog settings here on ReverbNation to accommodate the blog on my website. I have some stuff I have posted that relates to learning music, and guitar. But, I don't want to make folks feel unwelcome so take a look and see what you think. I hope you all are doing really well! -james scot http://www.jamesscottguitar.com http://www.jamesscottguitar.com/new-blog-1/

TheGuitarShow.com !!!

Well, I can't say exactly how excited I am to have been notified that I was chosen to be in the Players Spotlight on this fantastic website.


I can't even count how many guitar articles over the year I have read of Andy Ellis'....AND he LOVES the Baritone Guitar as much as I do !!! He's a fantastic guy too !

So, when ya get a moment go check out their website, and check out the....

Players Spotlight section!


Hope all is well !!!


Baritone Guitars

It just dawned on me that it might be interesting, to those listening to my Music, for me to talk a little bit about the guitar primarily used on my new recording,

On my recording "Letters From Sonora," on tracks 1,2,3,4,6, and 7 it's a Baritone Acoustic guitar built by a brilliant guy by the name of Kipp Krusa, owner, designer, and builder of Krusa Guitars. You can find him at www.krusaguitars.com

It has become one of my all time favorite instruments, ever.

Here are the Specs: Body Width 15.875" Body Depth 4.125" Body Length 21.25" Back /Sides & Top African Padauk Binding Wenge Fingerboard & Bridge Ebony Nut Width 1.75" Scale Length 27.5" (27" - 28.75" optional) Number of Frets 20 Tuners Gotoh 510 Inlay Loop

Now, for my personal take...

It has the most amazing resonance.

Pristine, rich clarity.

Gorgeous overtones.

Beautiful even and sensitive response throughout.

This IS a guitar built for making beautiful music. It is that simple.

I am repeatedly asked to describe this Guitar and the thing I always come back to is this...."it's the perfect merging of the wonderful qualities of the baby grand piano and a cello."

It's the Guitar that I see myself writing music with for a very long time.

Check out his website and listen to the Audio Samples.

Kipp Krusa is a builder with the Artist in mind. He's not just building guitars that are gorgeous to look at and aesthetically pleasing....he's building guitars that create gorgeous sound. That is what separates him from many Guitar Luthiers. Guitars that inspire you to make beautiful music are hard to find. With Kipp Krusa that is the only thing you will find.

WoW !

Well, the last few weeks have been incredibly productive. Spent a week in Northern California for The Healdsburg Guitar Festival. I am endorsed by Krusa Guitars and flew out to help at their booth as well as check out all the amazing guitars by all the incredibly talented Luthiers. Finally got to meet one of my biggest guitar heroes, Alex deGrassi !!! He played my Krusa Baritone Acoustic (the Sonora model) and now that guitar has even more MoJo !

Then spent a few days at the Nashville Amp Expo with Krusa Guitars, as well as checking out the cool new stuff from Amp builders, Guitar builders, Pedal Companies,etc, etc. You should check out FluxTone Amps. Incredible !!!!

This last week was website stuff, Radio Interview, and working on new Compositions, my favorite part !

On the Electric side of things I've got some fun gigs coming up with David Fair, a local Nashville Singer/Songwriter. He's got one of the best voices I've ever heard. You should check him out. He reminds me a lot of John Cowan except way more emotion. David is a great guy as well as a great friend.

Hope all is well with you !