Next video is nothing I can lose

Gzz is dropping a new music video to his single nothing I can lose of the album the king gzz version that's in the works right after that we are going to ask the fans what' video the want to see next it's all bout the fans and we giving them what they want #vikinglife #gzz

geo mixtape

http://www.datpiff.com/Geo-The-Last-Saucebender-mixtape.434962.html download the last saucebender mixtape now free on datpiff.com

hooligan gang ent.

hooligan gang ent. is built from all types of music not just rap but r&b rock pop blues we aim to use every type of music to please so we are not just one style of artist we are all in one geo chewda god novie nuggs and o da peacegod we are hooligan gang ent. when you see us scream hooli!!!