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Loaded Message

I have been under a considerable amount of stress lately. To manage it I do what all artists do. I release. I look for inspiration or stimuli. I harvest my emotions and examine my crops to see what needs to be given away and what I need to keep for myself. It is what I must do in order to survive in such a programmed existence. Its one of the worst situations to watch and I watch it everyday. Over and over and over again. I ask myself if everyone actually unplugged themselves what would this realm be like? and most importantly what would I write? Then I laugh at reality because I'm already writing it.

Due Time

For the past two years I have been in a slumber. I have kept my distance from what fuels me and believe me I have suffered for it. With all the unjust and hatred that has shown its face in the world these past two years I now feel compelled to do something. I didn't know what though? During this time that I humorously call "incubation" I was able to gather the content that I needed. Keep in mind that I have a 9-5 and it is mentally taxing. It took away any thought of creativity and tried my spirit. I was at a point where I had forgotten my gift. I had forgotten who I am. I remember now and I apologize. I have no immediate projects lined up nor do I know what form any of my artistry will display itself in. I do however know this, in due time we will see what pours from my soul.


MAY 17TH 2013 OmLyrical will be released on www.g-oracle.com to the masses. LOL!! Enough wtih the dramatics. My first DIY project will be released and I'm excited. I love making good music and I love music with a meaning.

My Gift and Other Words

My mixtape/album whatever you want to call it is done. I'm relieved and anxious. When I decided to produce this myself some part of me must have known that I was capable of doing it. My other parts just thought I was nuts. I didn't have thousands of dollars or top of the line equipment but I still got it done. I did a lot of praying and a lot of meditating throughout this process. I needed the right beats and they came to me. I needed the right energy and it was given to me. I wanted my words to convey my message in a creative way. That will be revealed upon the release of "OmLyrical". I am thankful beyond words for my gift. My territory has increased and I'm actually at a point of success I only dreamed could be possible. See I never desired fame or awards, I just wanted to be heard. I just wanted someone to listen and feel what I speak about. Life can be a maze of poor choices and pitfalls. It is until we seek a higher consciousness, the greater power of the heavens and the universe, and the realistic view of our everyday thoughts can we change any aspect of our lives. I love hip hop that's why I do it but its not all that I do. Keep in mind before anything my poetry, my hip hop, my songs, my books,my plays, and my blogs. I AM A WRITER. I have to write that's how I breathe. I have many other projects coming and I hope you are all able to enjoy them. I have been blessed and so shall you. OmLyrical is coming May 17,2013.


I find that the energy I've put into my efforts have not gone unrewarded. There are many things that I wish I could do but are not what is meant for me at this time. Still I'm happy thus far. I've recorded a few songs and have begun to feel the completeness of my work. I'm beginning to see a release date but it hasn't etched itself into the walls of my soul just yet. There's still work that must be done to make OmLyrical what it is meant to be. On a regular day I have a million thoughts running through my mind. Now with this mix tape production in full swing its 10 times that. I don't sleep for days at a time then I just pass out from mental exhaustion. There are people around me who support my music which is wonderful but recently God has brought others to me. They dont know me but they actually hear the words I speak. They feel something .Ultimately this is all that I desire. If I can be the water, the sun, or the fertilizer to help another person in life, I pray that my territory increases to do just that. I speak this in truth and spirit. OmLyrical is coming .


After the writing workshop I attended abruptly shut down I was left with a void to fill. See being around other artists gave me fuel for the week ahead. It gave me something to look forward to at the end of every week. Still, change is inevitable. I had started on my new mix tape and it seemed just about right for me to fully dive in. So it began the creative explosion in my head that places me in a trance like state to do nothing but write continuously until it just stops. In two weeks I had written my album. The title eluded me for about a month. I couldn't place all of these songs in a box. Then God gave it to me. While meditating thee word lyrical was said to me. Not uncommon but the perfect timing is what set it apart. I was saying Ohhhm. There it was OmLyrical. Everytime I say it I become filled. So now without a studio to record in I'm doing it myself. With some help from a few friends I'll have videos as well. Don't have a release date yet it'll be done when its done. I'm blessed to speak these words. OmLyrical is coming.


Lord it is so difficult working with artists who are not as passionate as you are. Being a female trying to conduct business with these bigheaded men is almost impossible. I said almost because regardless to how insulting and disrespectful they can be you have to keep pushin. I've been lied to, put on the side, and ignored by a few but honestly who cares. I'm on a mission. I have a message to bring and by any means Its going to get out. I do know this their going to wish they paid more attention. _G-Oracle