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New Shows Announced

Excited to be playing the Rat & Raven in Seattle on 3/30. Playing with us are some great bands including the Jumping Sharks and ReVoLtReVoLt from Boise, Idaho and our friends Step Daddy. It will be a great night so put this one on your calendar in pen.

We will also be heading to Boise to join the same Boise bands at The Shredder on 4/1.

Two great shows. Looking forward to making and sharing some great music.

The Croc 2/2

What a great night at the Croc on Thursday. We rocked the stage between Surrealized and Satchel. The Croc crowd was great and it felt awesome to be playing in Seattle again. We will be sticking around town for a bit, and then may hit the road in May. We will keep you posted. Check out some video on YouTube of Thursday when you get the chance. http://youtu.be/XVMpNDPKcH0

Upcoming Show

We have one show scheduled before we head out for tour ... Come check us out at The Crocodile on Groundhogs Day Feb 2nd. We are playing with Satchel and Surrealized, both amazing bands and we are ready to rock the stage with them. It is going to be a fantastic show so be sure you come out and check it out. We plan to leave some time over the next few months for a west coast tour. We are still working out details but will let you know as soon as we do where we will be and when. Until then, Happy Groundhogs Day - see you on the 2nd.

Album done, Slw Bunny Debuts in 4 weeks at High Dive

Just wrapped up the album last week, and we are getting ready for our CD Release party Dec 3rd with Satchel and Manooghi Hi. Stay tuned as we debut select tracks from the album in the next few weeks leading up to the big show.