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Watch out for the Kilshanny gig this Sunday Sept 16th. Sound of Sleat are mixing their CD and its shaping up. Its going to make a great Christmas gift so keep an eye for the release date. Got a little tour coming up in Novemeber with the mighty Piper Cooney and Laura Byrne. I will be posting more info on that real soon its going to be the weekend of Nov 8th. Some Maggie Sansone gigs in December always exciting. Watch this space for more info. Keep music live. Patrick

The Sound of Sleat

This group has been around for over a year now and are finaley getting ready to hit the studio. The combo of Small pipes, Harp and Cello and Guitar is a nice mix add a song or two and you have a collection of tunes that will make for quite the recording. I will keep you posted.

My first Photography Exhibition

Well we are tearing into the new year. Weather has been very mild. Music wise its being good, getting to play with some great musicians picking up some lovely gigs, its good. And now a Photography Exhibit , this one I am still in disbelieve. I love taking photos but never imagined that I would have an exhibit. march is coming lots of great gigs coming up. Getting to play a bunch with my dear friend Alex Caton, check shows. bye for now

Another year

Yes another year has gone by, Its time to move on. I am ready for the new one. Playing Warrington, VA for First night with John and Sharon Knowles and Tabby Finch. On Jan 1st playing the Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD Happy New Year everyone I hope its everything you could hope for.

Busy busy

Hi Folks. I went missing for a while. Started a new job and things got a little hectic. Its all good and I am learning to get used to early hours long days and crazy traffic, welcome to the real world I hear you say, sad but true. Music is going well. Got some Chrisdtmas shows coming up with Maggie Sansone, see gig listing. Tonight I am vvery excitided about the house concer at Sheperds Ford in Bluemont, VA with Tabby Finch and Sean McCarten and the wonderful Sax player Dave McFarren, ite going to be a lot of fun. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and hope to give you more updates soon.

Busy busy

Its snowing out, what the hey. Its too early. Tonight I am playing a house concert with Sean McCartan and Tabby Finch hope folks will come out. We are excited with our first outing together. Should be a fun night. My life has suddenly gone from having more time on my hands to no time. I started work with a construction company. We are restoring an old building in down town Washington, DC . My weeks days are now filled and with playing the weekend I have no time for anything else.

The weekend of the 4th

Well we managed to get through the weekend here in Norther VA with some nice weather. Our show at Twin Oaks winery went well but sitting out in the sun can exhaust ya. Very appreciative audience. Beans in Belfry that evening was a scramble to get over there and get set up but the crown were great and we played some great music which went down very well with everyone. Raining here today and supposed to rain into the week. Hopefully clear up by Saturday got to play a wedding in DC. More soon. :-)

September 4th

This Sunday Tabby and myself with guest Sean McCartan will be playing at Beans in the Belfry in Brunswick, MD. Its one of the nicest venues around. A converted old church to a Coffee house with some great food, you can bring you own wine or beer and for a very small corkage fee you can enjoy an evening of beautiful music and song. Tabby and myself have been working up some beautiful music with Harp and guitar. Sean's Low Whistle adds a very special ambiance to the sound. Switch of the TV grab your family and forget the crap that's going on you'll be glad you did. Last time we played at the Bean's folks danced music and laughter filled the space. Now that sounds good dose it not. Earlier in the day from 2pm to 5pm we play at the Twin Oaks Tavern in Bluemont, VA . It has a wonderful relaxed feel with some of the best wines you will find anywhere in VA. You will not be disappointed.


Updated my gig page today some good shows coming up. Been working up some great tunes tunes on Harp and Guitar with Tabby Finch should have a demo in the next couple of days. Will post on on the page soon. I hope all of you in the Storm track are safe and dry. More soon. Patrick

Irish Fiddle and music camp, Mingo, VA

Just back from a wonderful weekend of music song and dance. The camp was started by my good friend Alex Caton about 4 years ago. This year she had my old band mate Patrick Ourceau teaching fiddle. Patrick is one of the most popular fiddle teachers in the U S for Irish fiddle. I had a couple of guitar and singing classes. It was very relaxed and the weather was perfect most of it happened outdoors. Alex did a wonderful job making it all happen and it all ran smooth and relaxed. Wish I could have spent a few more days hanging out. I would also highly recommend the Brazen Head Inn its a very beautiful place. Lovely rooms in a beautiful setting good food much of it grown by William the wonderful owner. If you go there be sure to ask him how he ended up their. Looking ahead to Friday the big session in Round Hill, VA well worth catching starts at 7pm. Irish session upstairs always a good turn out you can buy a beer or wine and get some food in a very friendly atmosphere.