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New Album

Released Maniacal Carnage fall of 2015. Show dates throughout 2016. Spring tour Vegas, LA, Modesto, Sacramento, San Fran, Reno March 26th through 31st

EP ready to release

The recording is done, mixed and putting together the cd's, here is a few new tracks. We will be having a fucking crazy release party in the near future, watch the page for updates. In the meantime there will be a a couple venues we'll be playing at, check the shows box for that shit.

EP recording

Here's a song from the new album. Got more work to do with the songs but you get the idea.


Plugging away on the new album. We have a handful of drum tracks down that are coming out really well. Couple bass tracks layed down too. I'll put some video together soon of some of the studio sessions for everyone to checkout. Hopefully we'll have a song to tempt you guys with before long!

Bar Deluxe

Thanks to all who came out wednesday, turned out to be a great show. Incendiant tore up the stage with some brutal death metal & Suspened took the the show, pounding out some crazy awesome songs. We're gonna lock ourselves in the studio now for the next month or two and hopefully emerge with a brutal as fuck full length debut Blood Purge album.

Bar Deluxe

Hope we can get a bunch of you guys out the show Wednesday should be a good one, all night assault of death metal! We'll be in the studio starting the following week working on the first Blood Purge album! Definately be posting some samples of the new shit for ya'll

Burts Show

Thanks to all that came out last night. It was a night of shock, gore, and badass metal! Got some good pics we'll be posting and thanks to Micah and his lady for some great video, we'll linking to you tube to check out the mayhem!