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Off the Top of the Dome

Im focused but my path is Uncertain. Im Gifted but my talents are Limitless Im Loved but my passions are Hated Why NOt "I" , For "Am" makes me a definite. I live different and think Beyond. Who AM I , if "US" is only "U"? Why must i Conform, when UNiqueness is the treasure of Character? I know your ways , i've learned your traditions , but still what makes me...ME ...is I'M Different , Unlike any before ; Unlike any after -BriQue Brown-


GenIUs Note “sUn2Sun”

My mind so... un fetched . i believe nothing is something to belive nothing at all. how do i truly live if i dont question possibility. Constant is motionless ...movement is found in change. what is a Human being if one have not imagination. if thoughts.. cease to exist then thinking is thoughtless. Without Creation , the mind is: a waste field; a talanted not; an incapable muscle of everlasting tension. Growth generates Flexibility. Breathe signifies Spontaneity.... and Soul is the Act of Scretching. Loosen Fears and Relax desire ...For Living is Loving Moments and tresuring memories that fills wholeness. Understand perception is the trick of the eye and seeing is the scope of the lense. Be Beyond ...Be More ....Be defintie. Be Like the SUn

Lost In Existence

Moment to Moment ...I find more. I lose less as i progress towards perfection. My cerebrum swirls as consistency evolves. What AM I? or, I AM what? The evading Question of Alienation. I AM what I become and nothing more than what I AM ... I continue to BE a soul finder , a seeker of the unknown , a leader to the unexpected. Unplug Reality and perceive Realism , For what we know is only lost in the existence of what we Believe. Living is KNowing. Dying is acceptance. Balance your circle of LIfe and Death with KNowledge. The surface is only meant for standing, GO deeper and Understand Truth. MOU!!! WHAT IT STAND FOR!!!

Voice over Voice

Music Speaks to Me and I Speak to Music to form Melody ...Lets Make Love Beat and Spread Our offspring as harmony for the World to Enjoy. MOU

Sometimes I Wish I WAS A Cartoon Character!

What do they have that we dont? Why are they the have funs and we the have- nots ? When u watch a cartoon character , what do you see? Self enlightenment , Courage, Invincibility ...Life. A cartoon never spends aimless thoughts on the what's . A cartoon just does. There's no change of wardrobe theres just expression. This is what I look like ; Big...Small ...skinny , fat ...I'm me ; and because I'm me ,you smile; laugh unconsciously , want to see me more. Being a cartoon character , I fear no death I know at the end of this episode , there will be a next , and a next , ever-occurring to there's no watchers left ; and even then I will reappear situation after situation in the minds of all through memories , metaphoric similes, and appraisals for eternity I live . Once I'm created , I am now ever , ever going , everlasting ; ever forever I remain , I am the cartoon character . BriqueBrown

Mr. Know IT All

The thought of All is actually the infant stage of dumbness. When a person knows nothing, they encompass All; when One know everything, they continue to succumb to nothing. The state of Nothing is Achieve in the Know All , the ability to not see occurring because one is blinded by fear of enduring. I AM something therefore I know Nothing and Receive Everything. Keep this state of mindset and Greatness becomes (U). The True Mr. Know it All continues to Know Nothing. We Are The Masters!!! BriqueBrown

Dre DaSon
Dre DaSon  (almost 5 years ago)


The Love Concept

A Concept... A idea formed from inference. Inference ....the act or process of deriving logical conclusions from premises known or assumed to be true. Last, We have LOVE ; far much complex in its understanding, deeper than the depths of meaning alone. The " Way of Life" but lived misjudged.

Combine Love with Concept , Oneness become individuality on such terms that All is None and None is All , as when u Add water to water , the result is more Liquid

A True Love Concept Starts with (U) Understand ....Unite ....Become U.


The Man In The Mist

I walk alone ...but theres a shadow right behind me . I close my eyes ...but there's images all inside me. I say a word and it comes to exist . I fly with birds and swim with fish . I Love and Hate and enter the pits to see the man that's in my mist.

We Are The Master!! -BriQue Brown-

The Wake-UP Call

Today , I'm released ...Today , I will not let Evil conquer my soul and affect my actions anymore. Today , is the resurrection of Tristian Barnes. I'm my past , good has risen me , evil has slaughter me. In my present , good has followed me , evil has swallowed me , but in my future , evil has no action Anymore. Good is my soul, Better is my heart , and Great is my mind. Tomorrow is a new day , a day of hope and courage. Each second will be a minute more of greatness. Each thought will be a everlasting idea of Genuis , Each word will be a breathe of Love. I will not budge on wickedness , I will not falter on insecurities, I will not fall on Hatred. I Will Rise . I Will Stand. I Will do God's Plan. I Will Face Evil.

We Are The Masters !!! -Brique Brown

A Rainy Day

"When it rains it Pours" is the common adage known by many. The question of today is: Is this a bad thing ? Rain is created by condensation from the environment collecting in clouds and  then released as liquid droplets to the sub surfaces.  Without Rain, growth would be nearly impossible on the grand scale of life. Rain cleanses Dirt and provides an sanitizing effect in nature that rejuvenates the spirit of the universe. Rain makes mud , ice , rivers , lakes , streams , oceans , creeks , and seas. All , in which , provides life with life. The " pour " of rain is the "MOUre" in gain. At first glance, this wet saga may seem as a continual downpour that's everlasting and meant  for those who suffer ill misfortune. But , as we dry out our  eyes and see through the clouds , the perception of rain turns to ease. The gentle feel of a mist , the calming affect of a thunderstorm, the melodic sequence  of splashing drops that entertains the earlobes. " all give therapy to the soul.  Rain has taken many titles coined by US. Everything from children names and pseudonyms , to religious ceremonies  and divine symbolisms.  "Make It Rain, Make It Rain Rain  " has enter the Hip Hop world as an metaphoric expression of Love for money. Rain is much more than paper. Thats why Rain  usually just washes it away. Rain is everywhere and everything. Its in our blood (92 percent! ) , its in our brain and muscles (75 percent! ), and its in our bodies ( more 60 percent!! )!  So" Let it Rain " and as you think of your downpour  make it rain more and Keep your Sun shining bright.

We Are The Master!! - Brique Brown