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Expectations of people

If you do have expectations of people, you have to let them know what you are expecting in return. They may be unwilling or unable to return your gesture. Make your exceptions into agreements. I am unwilling to work like I do without "expecting" a paycheck. I like to eat and live indoors. I have made an agreement that I would work for a paycheck. It's not really an expectation anymore. Be kind because you like it. Give because you like it.

All Thought Process Fans New MIX for Matching Coats

A new mix of our breakout hit Matching Coats was posted. This mix is dedicated to the victims of the recent "BATMAN" shooting.

Support from Chicago MC and lyricist - LayziieLay!!

What's good i checked out yuh music, nice work! madd love and support to you and the team you should come check me out sometime

Positive connection with renowned artist Catherine Bond

Catherine Bond,"I love your lyrics! Keep it up =)"

Real talk from Recording Artist - Young Ripp

Good music keep up tha good work. Fan me back and check out my music. No Pen No Paper drops 4/20/2012 on datpiff.com. Itz ya boi Young Ripp!

Comment from Mary Plant

Been enjoying the great vibes. Peace and love, Mary Plant

Introducing: Live at The Century Lounge

New videos added to the Thought Process Mobile App: Matching Coats and Exploited by Documentaries (with a freestyle flow) ... performed live at The Century Lounge

Mobius the Shepherd responds back to fans!

ARTIST PRESS ITEMS “Mobius the Shepherd responds back to fans and press regarding the recent release of his video "Everything I Knew", which was noted on the website "finalpost.com" a few days back and quickly gaining popularity for the artist.” Daniel Mer - Thought Projects