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Help Us Fund Our 1st Album on RocketHub!

We're excited (and hungry) to begin recording our first album! We're even happier that, through crowdfunding, we can get our listeners (both new and long-time) involved in the process - donations in exchange for rewards? With the end result being a compilation of hard, honest punk music reminiscent of the 70's and 80's, the situation is totally win-win. :)

By pledging dollars to our project, you're not only getting some extra special goodies from us (special thanks to Snack Girlz Bakery for donating some homemade treats to the cause!), but you're helping us fulfill our greatest achievement to date! And we pledge to keep you involved in the entire process even after our funding effort is done. So, if you can help, please stop through and donate a few bucks; in the end you'll be walking away with no less than an advanced copy of our 1st album and the warm fuzzies that come with supporting local music!

For more info, click here: http://www.rockethub.com/projects/40858-running-thoughts-help-fund-our-1st-album#description-tab


The pressure to be 73% complete.

It's sort of a hassle to log on to Reverb Nation to find out that we and our profile, collectively, are only 68% complete. I was wondering why I hadn't been feeling 'all there' lately. So, setting up a blog for this pretty amazing site seems simple enough: we will be 73% complete as soon as I hit 'save'. Also, I think it's worth saying that we really don't understand how these charts work, and that we also don't know what makes puts us in the 903 (out of however many in Brooklyn) spot. Nevertheless, it's a total ego boost. We're writing some more songs to go with our favorite originals and covers, we'll probably be playing one more show before 2010 is out. We'll keep you posted. And now, a beer. It's five o' clock somewhere!