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Chuck Berry groove on keys

So this friend of mine says to me, "I don't like the factory settings on digital delays. I reset all the parameters to my own settings." Being a piano player and acoustic guitarist, I never use digital delays. I check out my keyboard, it has a digital delay! I set the sound to electric guitar and play boogie-woogie, and it sounds like psychadelic Johnny B. Goode! This was a fun recording. Hope you like it!

Old Songs, New Recordings

So the plan is to rerecord You Just Can't Win. The song is about Milli Vanilli and their ridiculus assertion that they were bigger than Bob Dylan. Well, obviously Bob Dylan outlived Milli Vanilli so the song has lost a teensy bit of its relevance. But I want to slow it down and make it a bit bluesier and I wonder, do I need a new set of lyrics? I almost need a whole verse to tell the world who Milli Vanilli is! They "sang" such pretty high harmonies with their deep gutteral German voices, who could forget them???!!! : P

Guest band members

Only Love is from "Words and Music" 1996. Amanda Dos Santos sang harmony, Phil Forbes played electric guitar, Pat Lavery played bass and Phil Banette played drums. Ondrea Milo also sang harmony on that album, but not that song.

Desperately seeking lyricist!

Is there a wordsmith out there? An Ira Gershwin? A Dorothy Fields? A Bernie Taupin? The melodies come in minutes, the words? I rewrite over and over and over for years and I'm never happy with them. Who writes lyrics exclusively anymore? I should give the search another month or so and then start recording all my songs with the lyrics "Blah-blah-blah!" Hey, this might end up being fun!


Hi-ho, Hi-ho! Just started this site August 2011, so I will write something more interesting soon. I will be using this page for my songwriting and singing of folk and blues tunes. I also play jazz piano and teach piano, but I will try to remain focussed......, we'll see.